Pick Pink Bedding for a Sweeter Sleep

Our pink bedding collection just keeps on growing! And we can see why, we just can't get enough of it either. We love soft pink hues for you bed linen, sheets and accessories. It's a real 'feel good' colour and just the ticket for brightening up a bedroom. Browse our range of pink bedding, including duvets covers, pillowcases, sheets, bed throws and cushions, and never look back.

Pretty as a Pink Picture

Pink bed linen offers a delightful and charming option for bedroom decor. This gentle and feminine colour adds a touch of warmth and playfulness to any sleep space. Our pink bed linen comes in a few different shades, from soft pastels such as our blush or dusty pink to our deeper moodier vintage rose.

Pink can create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere in a traditional or vintage-inspired bedroom, or bring a modern and energetic vibe to a contemporary space. Whether used as the main focal point or as an accent, pink bed linen adds a delightful pop of colour and infuses the room with a sense of joy and charm.

Can we make our favourite colour, yours too?

Traditionally pink pairs beautifully with greens, so we would recommend you taking a look at our green collection to see what grabs your attention. Darkest spruce makes for a vibrant contrast with blush pink, whereas our sage stripe offers a gentler combination. Another option would be to layer up the pinks by mixing vintage rose with blush pink, or create a classic combo by bringing in some strong navy blue. So many options... you might need to buy some more pillows!

Pink has only recently been considered a 'girly' colour and there is no reason at all why it can't be included in a masculine bedroom. Choosing a deeper pink, like vintage rose, and mixing it with strong muted colours such as olive green, cumin, charcoal, or darkest spruce would make a bold and 'manly' statement.