Superstar Cotton Nighties

We love all our nightwear, but it's true that our super soft cotton nighties are fast becoming our favourite of all. Pick from organic cotton camisoles, oh-so-soft long cotton jersey nighties to cover up or a classic cotton nightshirt. All made with love in Portugal for a dreamy bedtime whatever you choose.

The Comfort of Cotton Nighties

Cotton nighties are a timeless and comfortable choice for sleepwear. They offer breathability and softness, keeping you cool and cosy throughout the night. Perfect for a restful night's sleep.

Cotton is an excellent choice for a nightie because it is breathable, soft, and has fab moisture-wicking properties. Unlike man-made fibres, cotton will keep you comfortable and cool, ensuring a restful slumber all night long.

This very much depends on your body, the time of year and whether or not you shower before bed. It's generally recommended to wash your nightwear every 3-4 days, but you might want to change them more regularly during the summer months or if you're a hot sleeper. On the other hand, if you shower right before bed you might find that you can wear your nightie for a few more days before needing to change it.

Most people will change their nightwear two or three times a week so it's probably a good idea to have at least three nighties (or sets of pyjamas) to see you through until wash day.

Nightie is just an abbreviated form of nightdress or nightgown and you'll find that these words can pretty much all be used interchangeably. A nightgown does sound a little more formal - think ankle length, with long sleeves - whereas the word 'nightie' might be better used to describe a shorter and more modern garment.