Sleep Style from Mint Velvet

woman in hoodie on bed

We're big (actually huge) fans of lounging around the house in our comfies after a long day at work. But must make a confession... most of the time we end up reaching for our oldest and most worn pair of PJs. Admittedly they're very comfortable but not at all flattering and don't make us feel fabulous before bedtime. So we've been chatting to the experts of stylish lounge-wear, Mint Velvet about why making ourselves look great before bed, will make us feel great before bed...

So much effort is put in to looking good for work, for friends, for dates and more, but we want to talk about looking good for yourself, and when better to focus on yourself than when cosying around at home having some much needed me-time?

We all know that looking gorgeous often equates to feeling great, so why do we so often overlook the importance of what we wear when unwinding at home and getting ready to sleep?

women with gloves on holding mug

The smallest of things, like slipping on some cosy bed socks, or pulling a soft shawl over your shoulders, will make all the difference to how you feel come evening, and ultimately to how well you are able to unwind and relax.

Invest in pyjamas that feel great and look better; nothing makes a girl feel more pampered. Go for luxe fabrics and flattering cuts – look good for yourself.

Whilst you might love that dusty old rolling stones t-shirt you’ve had since you were 10, try swapping it out for the relaxed glamour of a snug and stylish pyjama set. Snuggling up in something that feels luxurious to you will make you feel treated. Going to bed snuggled up in luxury will make the world of difference – trust us!

light pink bedding

Pamper yourself and enjoy the little things: it is the luxury to be found in the everyday that is so important. Make dressing for bed part of your evening routine, and watch it make all the difference to how you feel on the inside.

Make your bedroom your safe place – your sanctuary. Light a candle, dim the lights and pull on some pyjamas that make you feel nothing but pampered. Create (and stick to!) a cleansing routine and swap evening telly for a good book. Give unwinding for the day a sense of ritual and you’ll find that you will get in to bed happier, sleep more peacefully, and wake up relaxed and revitalised.

Winter doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom – go for woolly socks, big jumpers and shawls and revel in the cosiness that only winter can bring us.

What do you think? Do you feel at your best when your wearing you oldest pair of pjs or does a new soft cotton nightshirt boost your bedtime mood? Let us know in the comments... and happy lounging!