Our Nightwear Care Guide

With a little love and care, your nightwear and loungewear can last for restful sleep upon restful sleep and you can enjoy your new pjs for many relaxing years to come. Here are our top tips for keeping your nightwear good as new.

If you need any help at all, we're always here to listen and advise so please don't hesitate to get in touch with our lovely team, were here on 01243 822 599 (we love a good nightwear natter).

Caring For Your Robes

There are a few belts and bobs to remember when washing your cotton robes, but in general it's a breeze and you'll soon get into the swing of it.

When washing, pop your robe on a warm wash and always wash with similar colours (you don't want your white robe turning blue because of that random sock). Make sure you reshape your robe as it dries and simply line dry (or pop on a low heat tumble dry if necessary).

If ironing is your thing, you can iron linen and cotton robes on a warm setting on the reverse.

Caring For Your Jersey Garments

Looking after your soft and stretchy jersey nightwear is easy.

These can be washed up to 40 degrees, we recommend washing at 30 on a gentle wash to be kinder to the environment. Always wash with similar colours, then line dry and reshape as they dry.

Try not to mix your colours and whites together. Some of our piece dyed items, may leave a little colour behind in the machine in the first couple washes.

Jersey can be tumble dried on lower heat, but we always prefer to line or airer dry to save energy.

Our brushed cotton needs a slightly gentler aftercare because of its beautiful soft finish. We recommend giving it a gentle cool wash, with similar colours, then line dry or dry flat near a radiator on cooler and wetter days. Reshape your nightwear as it dries. Please do not tumble dry, this fabric does not like the heat.

Caring For Your Woven Nightwear

Looking after our woven nightwear is super simple – these are made from our best selling fabrics. All can be washed up to 40 degrees, we always recommend washing at 30 on a gentle wash to be kinder to the world.

Wash with similar colours, reshape whilst damp, line dry or tumble dry on low heat. You can iron on medium heat setting if you love a creese free look. Linen is made to be crease so don’t feel that ironing is a must here at all.

Tumble drying can slowly break down any fabric, and use lots of energy, so we say avoid if you can. We know it's not always ideal or possible to line dry (thanks so much to our British weather), so if you need to, flat drying against the radiator is your next best option. It should be said that a gentle tumble with a softener will make our 100% Linen nightwear feel super soft if that if your preference.

How To Keep White Nightwear And Colours From Fading

The bright side (see what we did there) of line drying is that your lovely new white cotton robe can catch some rays, which in turn acts as nature's very own bleach. Remember to not leave your darker coloured nightwear outside for long periods of time, the sun rays can start to discolour your non-white garments and none of us want that.

When it comes to laundry, a good detergent always helps too. We adore everything from our friends at Wilton London who make the loveliest smelling, good for the planet, super duper laundry detergents and we can't imagine using anything else now.

Thanks for reading folks, do let us know if we can help further, we love to talk and were always happy to help.

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