Get Your Bed Ready for Summer

We often forget about changing our bed for the summer months, until the summer has started and we're losing sleep. If you've noticed the milder weather taking its toll on your sleep, then it's time to get your bed summer ready.

To avoid the struggles of tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable in the heat, make some of our small changes to your bed for a sound night's sleep.

Summer Bedding

Changing your duvet is going to have the biggest impact on your sleep during the summer. Are you keeping the same duvet on your bed all year long? Having the choice of a 'summer' and 'winter' duvet will make sure you sleep soundly all year long.

A tog is the measurement in the UK that lets you know how warm a duvet will be. As much as we love a thick 15 tog duvet during the winter, you won't regret investing in a light and airy 2.5 tog duvet for summer. If you prefer to ditch the duvet altogether when it's hot, a flat sheet, and a quilt or bedspread are a great alternative to give you a little weight, but keeping you cool.

All our duvets come in a lovely cotton canvas bag, so you'll have somewhere to store your winter duvet, until the short but sweet British summer is over. An All Seasons Duvet is an even better option, as this gives you three different tog duvet choices to choose from, all within one duvet. Made up of two separate duvets, a 4.5 tog (perfect for summer) and a 9 tog (great for spring and autumn), they can easily be popped together to create a 13.5 tog for the cold winter months. Take a peek at our most popular all duvets below, all available in all togs and sizes. 


Summer Bed Linen

Your bed linen affects how well you sleep, more than you'd think. The fabric, weave and finish of your bed linen will all affect your body temperature throughout the night. We all sweat at night (sorry, it's true) but choosing the right bed linen can help keep you slightly cooler in the summer.

We always make our beds with only natural materials, with cotton and linen being our favourites. Sleeping in a natural material, rather than polycotton, will make your bed linen more breathable. This means your bed sheets will actively help keep you cool and dry, unlike man-made fibres that don't give this ventilation.

For the warmer months choose 100% cotton percale or 100% linen bedding, to keep your skin feeling that little bit cooler. Our 400 thread count Petworth bed linen feels crisp and cool to the touch and beautifully lightweight for the summer.

However, if you love a little colour our Super Soft Cotton collection, even though it's a sateen weave, feels just as soft and lovely with its washed and laundered finish.

Caring for Your Bed

It's inevitable that some nights we're likely to get a little hot and sweaty and there's nothing more dust mites love than warm temperatures.

Freshen up your duvets and pillows by hanging them out for some fresh air every couple of weeks, or more often if you feel they're retaining too much moisture.

If you've had a particularly warm night's sleep, try to pop your sheets in the wash more frequently. This will kill off any germs and keep your bed feeling lovely and fresh throughout the week. Luckily, if the weather's lovely and sunny your sheets can be washed and dried in no time, ready to be popped back on the bed.

Have you already got your summer duvet and fresh sheets on standby for a burst of sun? Or are you considering treating yourself to an All Seasons Duvet?

If you're not sure whether a 2.5 tog is right for you, or want to know more about our cotton then we're always here to chat!