Caring For Your Wonderful Wool Knitwear

100% Lambswool Knitwear

As we have just released our brand-spanking-new lambswool knitwear range, we thought we ought to share some top tips on everything you need to know to keep your wonderful wool looking its best. We know that wool has a reputation of being quite a daunting fabric to care for – but we believe, with this handy guide, all your worries will disappear.

Washing your Wool

Surprisingly, wool needs to be washed very little; it has antibacterial properties which means putting your wool garments through that cycle all the time is quite unnecessary. If you feel they may need a little sprucing up, just pop them up to air by a breezy window, or even stick them in the bathroom with you whilst you’re having a steamy bath/shower.

If you notice a stain, simply treat that specific part of the garment, and let it air dry – this way, you are saving both the planet and the wool fabric. But if you really feel you want to give your lambswool a bit of a scrub-up, we recommend hand washing your wool in water no hotter than 30 °C to care for it best.

You can also dry clean our lambswool if you prefer, the letter P instructs the dry cleaner what type of cleaner to use.

Drying your Wool

The number one rule when drying wool is always dry it flat. The shape of the wool garment is one thing that is likely to change due to the care-free nature of wool, so try to lay it out rather than putting it on a hanger. You can also give your garment a little tug when damp to bring it back to its original shape once dry. Remember, do not tumble dry as this will cause considerable shrinkage.

Storing your Wool

When you aren’t wrapped up in your cosy lambswool cardigan (which could be never once you try it), you will want to store it away folded and flat. This will ensure it keeps its shape and doesn’t stretch the shoulders out. Top tip: when you take knitwear off, make sure to let it hang out over a chair or laid out flat somewhere before folding it away – this way it gets a little breather.

We all know that natural fibres are a nice little snack for moths – and since lambswool is a natural fibre, those little creatures will be keen to get their tiny hands on your beautiful new cardigan, socks and hot water bottle; make sure your wool is nice and dry before storing, and if they are going away for the warmer months, place them in a breathable bag made from a natural material. This will prevent any moisture building up and keep them away from those pesky moths. If you want to take an extra precaution, cedarwood balls will deter them.

Wool Pilling

If you notice some pilling happening on your lambswool, do not worry – this is totally normal. The wool fibres on your garment can have varying lengths, so when your arm is rubbing against your sides when walking, or you’re leaning back and forth against your sofa, the movement is going to cause some of those teeny-tiny fibres to come to the surface. But have no fear, this can be easily fixed using a variety of methods.

A wool comb is an easy way of removing any excess fibres. All you need to do is use gentle brush strokes over the garment and your lambswool will look good as new. Another, speedier, way to get rid of any wool pilling is with a fabric shaver (or more commonly called wool bobble remover) – these are electric so you can run it over your cardie in a flash with little effort. Both wool combs and wool bobble removers are widely available to buy with the help of the internet.

Poof – your wool worries are gone…