The Best Scents For Good Sleep


Sleep is one of the most important things to improve our well-being, so making sure we're getting enough is always a priority of ours. We all have such busy lives these days, filling all the hours in day that it is imperative that we get some decent shut eye every night.

If you feel like you've tried everything under the sun to get a decent night's sleep, we have just one more to try... scent. Aromatherapy isn't a new concept. We splash perfume on our wrists during the day and use essential oils for a nice, hot, relaxing bath... so smell should be an important part of our bedtime routines too.

We've talked to some experts, done the research and these are the best scents to help you sleep soundly...


If lifes little stresses are keeping you up at night, then vanilla is the perfect fragrance for you. Vanilla encourages relaxation and has been proven to steady your heart rate and reduce your blood pressure.

Not only is it great for your sleep, it also smells delicious. The perfect scent to help you wind down in the hours before bed. The best way to bring it into your bedtime routine is to use a vanilla scented body wash or bath bubbles. Treat yourself to a long hot soak before bed, leaving you feeling well rested before you even settle in under the sheets.


Lavender has always been known to be the best scent to help with getting great sleep. We asked our brilliant friends at Seven Seventeen (they make wonderful scented candles) about why they think it's so great for bedtimes...

"Lavender is known to have a soothing effect on the nervous system, which is helpful in treating stress. Lavender's calming, sleep-inducing properties make it a natural, modern remedy for insomnia. Welcoming our lavender essential oil candle to your bedtime routine can set the tone for a wonderfully restful night's sleep. We've finished our plant-based candle with a meditative 'And Breathe' mantra, perfect for unwinding at the end of a busy day."

If you think you'll forget to blow out a candle before bed, why not try one of Yawn Pyjama's scented lavender bags. Pop one straight under your pillow and it will release a natural Lavender scent all through the night.



If you're a light sleeper, always tossing and turning through the night, then Jasmine is the scent to help. Jasmine is lovely to look at, with delicate white petals, but has some surprising sleep benefits too.

Jasmine encourages you to have a deeper sleep, reducing the amount you move around during the night. The deeper you sleep, the more well rested you'll feel throughout the day.

Pillow sprays are one of the easiest ways to bring a new scent into your bedroom... and they give your sheets a freshen up too. Lots of our favourite sprays are full of Jasmine and will help ease you into a deep sleep.

Your favourite scent

Aromatherapy helps to encourage happy thoughts, calm you down and make you feel more relaxed.

If you have a scent you love, that makes you feel relaxed then use it to help your sleep. That might be the smell of freshly cut grass, or floral scents or your favourite perfume. Scents that you love will make your body release feel-good endorphin's, the perfect start to a great night's sleep.

Once you've found your sleep enhancing scent, bring it into your bedroom.

What's your favourite scent to help you snooze?