Colour Crush: Bringing Teal Appeal to Your Bedroom

Teal bedding

Subtle yet snappy, silly yet sophisticated, teal is truly a multidimensional colour and easily adapts to any interior style, whether traditional, retro or contemporary. Warmer than duck egg, less severe than navy and more opulent than turquoise, this blue-green hue comes straight from nature, think iridescent peacock plumes, inky ocean depths and celestial expanses. Whether you dot it about as an accent or slap it on in swathes, treat your bedroom to teal for a look that leaves a lasting impression. You can find all our teal bedding right here.

Teal Home decor Ideas

Teal Bedroom Decor Tips

Similar to other aquatic colours, teals soothing shades evoke calm and restfulness, instantly turning even the barest bedroom into a sumptuous sanctuary. Pairing it with natural wood, brick or stone accents, as well as a jungle of lush green foliage, will further amp up the tranquility while teaming teal with gleaming metallic surfaces, such as antiqued brass or glided edges, will tap into its luxurious lapis lazuli-like qualities.

If you’re not quite ready to dive in headfirst, ease teal into your interiors using accessories. A shot of colour can be added with an upholstered headboard, rugs, teal bedding or blankets, or even woven into prints and patterns. Maintain a subtle balance by introducing the colour in varying degrees, from airy pastels to deep, moody tones, but if you want your splashes of teal to stand out, create a contrast.

Shades of teal

Teal Colour Combinations

Just like sea foam on the crest of a wave, white is a failsafe option for getting teal to pop. But its rich depths are also strong enough to hold up against bolder colours too. Buddy it with vibrant tangerines, coral reds or mustard for a retro scheme with playful undertones. Or marry teal with other jewel tones like midnight blue, scarlet red and aubergine purple for an utterly irresistible palette. For a feminine touch, nothing’s prettier than teal and pink, a combo that might make you think of summer weddings but is actually equally at home on your bed.

As you might be able to tell, we think teal is a mood-boosting, snooze-inviting, all-round people-pleaser, but what about you? Do you think its quenching tones give bedrooms an instant refresher? Or would you sooner it stayed at the bottom of the briny deep? We would love to hear from you.

Lizzy x