Styling a Hotel Inspired Bedroom by Sarah Mailer

Who doesn’t love a touch of luxury? Scented candles and cashmere socks, a pamper-session; some well-deserved ‘me time’. This extends to a beautiful bedroom – ideally, your little sanctuary at home. Somewhere to enjoy quiet relaxation which appeals to all the senses.

Creating a luxe, hotel-inspired space at home is very achievable with a few little insider tricks. The key is to consider the look and feel. The way that you design and style your bedroom can make all the difference…

Step 1 - Declutter

Ahhhhh – that glorious moment when you enter a beautiful hotel room. Your holiday has officially begun! It’s so inviting, isn’t it? Neat, tidy and clutter free. A haven of organisation which has erased all memory of the previous occupants (thankfully)! The first step to creating a luxe-hotel-inspired bedroom in your home is to organise and tidy most things away. Think ‘less is more’ and only leave out a carefully curated edit of pieces to enhance the space. (More on this later).

Step 2 - Layout

Consider what you would most like to be greeted with upon entering the room. A run of wardrobes? A pile of clothes? If you space needs rearranging, pin-point what would your eye would respond most positively to. If you can, make the focal point your bed (expertly dressed and styled to perfection) finished with a statement headboard.

As the largest item in your space, the positioning of your bed can make or break your scheme. Balance with bedside tables either side - I’m an advocate of matching - and a bench or ottoman at the foot (space-permitting). Storage is also crucial so consider the best place to ‘tuck’ your wardrobes away.

Step 3 - Lighting

This element is so often overlooked but is one of the most important factors in styling the perfect luxe hotel-inspired bedroom. Luxury hotel rooms create mood and atmosphere, achieved through layered lighting. From the soft, diffused, ambient lighting either side of the bed (don’t be afraid to go tall with your lamps if your headboard is imposing for balance and flow) to the task light on a dressing table for perfect make-up application.

Install reading lights either side of the headboard for practicality and consider a low-level glow through LED strip lighting under the bedside tables. This also works installed behind the headboard, creating a soft wash across the walls. A statement pendant or chandelier – always on a dimmer - completes the look and can add real ‘wow’ factor.

Step 4 - Linen

I make my bed every day and I cannot recommend it enough. I maintain that it’s good for the soul! Arriving home to an unmade bed can be stressful and doesn’t set a restful tone for your evening ahead. Using the appropriate linen as a base to making your bed is key to achieving that luxe hotel-inspired look. I tend to opt for luxury plains with high thread counts. The Oxford border always offers another dimension of elegance.

I would recommend investing in quality bed linen, as it not only needs to look inviting but feel it too. Slipping into beautifully pressed, gorgeous sheets at the end of a long day is also incredibly ‘hotel-luxe’. The Secret Linen Store's range of luxury linens is well worth a look here.

Step 5 - Dressing the Bed

Consider the linen as your bed’s foundation. Finish ‘dressing’ it with a large textural bedspread or throw, a soft blanket and some beautiful cushions. Think hotel-luxe here – layering is key. Mix patterns, textures and finishes – from herringbone weaves to mohair knits, quilted cushions and piped edges.

You can have a little play with colour too here (although I tend to keep my schemes fairly neutral and pared back). Explore scale too – using larger cushions as a backdrop for smaller accents in the foreground.

Step 6 - Accessorise

Essentially jewellery for the bedroom, include select pieces on your surfaces to give it some ‘sparkle’. It’s important to appeal to all senses in the accessories you choose. Feel dreamy with a luxury scented candle burning early-evening. Pretty perfume bottles also work effectively as a styling tool, whilst pillow sprays look lovely and can induce sleep. I like to display these on the bedside table. Add textural interest with additional blankets or rugs, especially when the temperature drops. Plants or flowers also add visual texture and interest – go faux if you’re looking for minimal upkeep. They can also be used to introduce a pop of colour.

If you’re unwilling to commit to a chocolate on the pillow every night, consider a co-ordinating breakfast tray to use on those casual, breakfast-in-bed mornings. Ideally, assign someone else to make the pancakes!

Sarah Mailer is a highly-acclaimed interior designer and award-winning blogger at

Sarah loved styling our beautiful Secret Linen Store Luxury 600 Thread Count White Bed Linen in her master bedroom, to complete the scheme’s luxe, hotel-inspired look. Our medium Herringbone Dove Grey Throw completed the soothing and sophisticated sanctuary – just how Sarah likes it in a household of boys!

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