Small Bedroom Décor Inspiration

Stuck for small bedroom ideas? It can be tricky to furnish and decorate a tiny room, especially when you've got lots to fit in. We're here to inspire you with all the small space ideas and giving you all of our top tips and tricks to make your small room feel that little bit bigger and make the most of your space.

Colour Block

We can guarantee that you have heard "don't use dark colours" before when chatting to friends and family about walls and décor. There is a fear in the interior design world that dark colours will make a small room look smaller, but we don't actually think that's true. Our good friend and interior designer superstar, Abigail Ahern, has taught us all that repeating dark colours can actually make a room look bigger.

The moral of the story is, as long as you repeat colours throughout your bedroom, no matter how light or dark they are, it will give your bedroom the appearance of being bigger. Make sure you match up your walls, bed linen and accessories. This is easily recreated with all of our 100% Linen sets and you can use a matching colour flat sheet as your accessory to drape over your bed.

Dark walls are actually perfect for small rooms, despite people thinking they make rooms look small. They actually don't, they make rooms look bigger. With dark and mid tone colours, you get to create beautiful depth and shadow so you can't quite see where the walls and room end. Therefore they eye perceives the room as bigger than it really is. Clever no! - Abigail Ahern

Say Goodbye To Bulky Beds

Don't get us wrong, it's lovely to have a bed covered in comfy cosy cushions and throws galore, but if you're trying to make your small bedroom look bigger, we'd suggest to steer clear of the bulkier accessories. This sounds tricky, but don't worry, we've got you (and your bed) covered.

Start by swapping out your big, bulky quilted bedspreads, and instead opt for a linen throw or just simply a 100% Linen Flat Sheet over the bed. Linen flat sheets have a beautiful drape and are a lightweight and stunning accessory for your bed.

If that doesn't take your fancy, then consider a thinner throw made from 100% Linen and match it with just one or two cushions.

It's All About The Bedside Table

Your furniture is the one thing can really make or break your small bedroom. Too much, or bulky furniture can make your bedroom look really small, including your bedside table.

Bedside tables are really useful for lamps, your alarm clock and anything else you like to have handy when you go to bed, but we'd suggest minimising it as much as possible. The best option (we think) is to go for a floating bedside table, leaving you with lots of empty space, giving the appearance of more room. If that doesn't sound like your kind of thing, then try to go for a thin table with really small legs (or anything that's the opposite of bulky). It goes without saying, but try not too clutter it too much... just keep the bare essentials next to you at bedtime.

Dress Your Window Carefully

Curtains are a bedroom must-have, especially in the Summer when it's too light outside to sleep. But you do need to choose your window décor carefully. Big blackout curtains aren't ideal if you have a small bedroom, but never fear because 100% linen is here to save the day.

We just love, love, love 100% Linen Curtains because they let in a small of natural light, but are just thick enough for privacy, which in turn will give you the appearance of a bigger bedroom.