Breakfast in Bed: Seven Chocolate Breakfast Recipes

There's nothing more we love than a yummy breakfast treat... and chocolate seems to make any breakfast better. Here we have our seven favourite breakfast recipes that are all fully of chocolaty goodness.

Chocolate Brioche

A simple recipe, that's been crafted so that even newbie bakers can whip a batch up without breaking a sweat. Something fancy for when guests come to stay, a treat for the weekend or a for any Sunday morning, these are a must for breakfast in bed.

Read the full recipe on the A Baking Journey


Chocolate and Banana Pancakes

A Sunday morning favourite. Delicious chocolate pancakes, smothered with yogurt and fresh fruit. Our Secret Chef created us our very own recipe for these, perfect for a lazy weekend breakfast in bed. Take a peek through your parcel to find the full recipe.


Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Not everybody’s idea of a breakfast treat, but when smothered in chocolate, with a side of fresh fruit it’s truly delicious. Rich in nutrients and naturally sweetened, this proves you can have a healthy breakfast that tastes great.

To whip up a big bowl for breakfast read the full recipe on the Minimalist Baker Blog.


Chocolate and Banana Loaf

A banana loaf is so simple to make and is great for getting rid of bananas that have been lingering in your fruit bowl. Throwing in a smattering of dark chocolate makes this breakfast a total crowd pleaser.

Find the full (and ever so delicious) recipe, over on Smitten Kitchen.


Chocolate and Coconut Overnight Oats

If you struggle to find the time to make a healthy breakfast in the morning, then overnight oats are just for you. All the hard work is done the night before, so you can enjoy straight from the fridge, or pop them in the microwave. This recipe is brimming with almonds, coconut, oats and a lashing of chocolate. Healthy and tasty all at the same time.

Find the full recipe at Charlottes Lively Kitchen.

Breakfast in Bed: White Chocolate Granola Bar Breakfast in Bed: White Chocolate Granola Bar


White Chocolate Granola Bars

Easy to make and perfect for breakfast on the go. We’ve been given a sneak peek into Montezuma’s Chocolates cookbook, and have the full recipe here.


Pain au Chocolat

Pastries are made for enjoying over a long weekend. All washed down with a hot cup of tea. Delicious from the bakery, even better if you don’t have to leave the house… stay in your pyjamas and enjoy from the comfort of your bed. For a quick fix we’ve been treating ourselves to Jus Roll’s Bake it Fresh option… ready in just 12 minutes.

But, if you're feeling fancy and looking to impress then create a batch from scratch with this easy to follow recipe from Top with Cinnamon.