How to Style Your Bedroom by Sophie Robinson

Bedrooms have to be one of my favourite rooms to style as you can indulge in your love of colour, decoration and fabrics to pull off something really mouth watering. For the benefit of this post, I’m going to assume you’ve already planned your layout, sorted your storage, made your all-important bed purchase and now you just need to make it all look fabulous! Whether you want your room to feel dark, cosy and cosseting or bright, fresh and invigorating, how you style it up will really bring it to life. For many of us juggling work, life commitments, family and kids, our bedrooms can provide a real haven so I think it’s really worth taking some time to make it feel special.

First up, you need to think of how things feel. It goes without saying that the bed linen you choose is paramount - for me it has to be super soft linen or a pure brushed cotton, but you may be more of a crisp cotton connoisseur. I also like to think about what my feet will touch first thing in the morning. Hoping it’s not discarded Lego, my preference is for a super soft carpet or a sheepskin rug is just lovely in winter.

Lighting is key in the bedroom and I’d avoid ANY overhead pendants and spot lights wherever possible. Not only are they unflattering but un-relaxing too. Instead, opt for table lamps and wall lights, all controlled on a dimmer. LED tape recessed into fitted shelving and headboards can also look really effective. At night, think low level lighting with some modest task lighting for reading.

A well-dressed bed is a must for me. Often the bed is the focal point in a bedroom and so its needs to look the bomb. Quite often I’ll start with a statement headboard- I’m always one for bigger the better. Next up I’ll use scatter cushions and a throw to add pops of colour. I love to mix patterns and colours to keep things interesting and it makes it easy to switch and update over time.

The trend for mural wallpapers is a great one for bedrooms. Position them behind the bed to add interest and then decorate all the other walls in a plain colour. That way your view from the bed is more relaxing. Use the colours in the mural to pull the whole scheme together.

Use your bedside table as an opportunity to create a nice styling moment. Arrange bedside books, a scented candle, and a pot or tray to collect bits and bobs in your styling arrangement. I think fresh flowers next to the bed have to be one of the nicest indulgences too.

Finally think of how you scent the room as this can massively effect how you feel. Freshly laundered sheets have to be the best but you can create a lovely vibe with a spritz of linen water or scented room diffusers. I love Neals Yard and Willow and Honey aromatic blends.

Sweet dreams!