Our Colour Crush: 5 Tips for Giving Your Bedroom a Blush Pink Pop

Blush Pink Bedding

In the past, pink bedding has had a hard time proving itself as a serious contender in our bedrooms, either evoking images of fuchsia coloured zebra prints or Granny’s pastel-hued dust ruffles. However, since global colour gurus, Pantone declared a barely-there blush (think red sock in your white wash) called Rose Quartz its pick of 2016, the world has had a rosier outlook on this polarising pigment. A surprisingly versatile colour, blush pink can be used not only to add a pleasing pop but also as a soothing neutral, bringing warmth and depth to pared-back interiors. Although it may make your heart skip a beat, as these five examples show, pink shouldn’t just be for Valentine’s Day. Prepare to go barmy for blush.

Blush Pink Ideas

1. Brave a Colour Clash

Many think of pink as a standalone colour when in reality it plays perfectly against a whole host of hues (no we’re not crazy, blush and teal really is a winner!). Use it to create a cool contrast against crisp white bed linen or pair it with a palette of ice-cream shades like cream, mint green and powder blue for a tooth-achingly delicious scheme. To temper pink’s sugary nature, dove greys, charcoal and even earthy greens are ideal for bringing a touch of shadowy drama, adding weight and anchoring this dainty hue. Just remember, if you use the 60-30-10 rule when decorating and make 60% of your space a primary colour, 30% a secondary shade and 10% an accent, you can’t go wrong.

2. Feel Zen with Scandi Style

From sunsets to cherry blossom, if you take a walk, you'll often spot soft pinks in nature, making it the perfect pick if you want to Hygge your home. In fact, a famous study conducted in the 70s used a shade similar to the blissed-out blush we all know and love to paint prisons, resulting in lower blood pressure among inmates and a reduction in aggressive behaviour (great for bringing a stop to those late-night duvet battles!). Inspire peace and harmony in your bedroom by pairing pink with organic textures, linen bedding and light wood and feel your soul soothed.

Photographs from Farrow & Ball

3. The New Neutral

A great way to dip your toe (or your paintbrush) into this heart-warming hue is to use a barely-there blush as a fresh alternative to the typical off-whites and greige commonly found in our homes. A hint of delicate blush pink bedding can transform a bedroom from dull to dreamy, re-energising a space without disturbing the balance and preventing a muted scheme from becoming stark. Blush also works equally well as a supporting act. Just a few accents worked into fabrics like your bed linen or curtains instantly makes a neutral scheme feel more nuanced without having to splash colour all over your walls.

4. Go Chic and Shiny

Why not look to luxe to really make your blush bedroom sparkle? Once the favoured shade of the pastel-loving European bourgeoisie in the eighteenth-century, pink paired with mirror-like metallics, timeworn antiques and gilded details is guaranteed to bring swoon-worthy extravagance to your home. Throw in piles of touch-me textures, such as sumptuous velvet cushions, deep-buttoned upholstery and sateen finished luxury bedding, and you’ll have an elegant oasis worthy of the Palace of Versailles. Très chic.

5. Make it Masculine

There’s no reason rosy hues have to be all sweetness and light. Give the colour some grit by furnishing your snooze-space with rustic materials and distressed surfaces, and steer clear of florals and frills altogether. Or try to pick more textured elements to pair against it, for example, perfectly ironed blush pink cotton sheets can look a touch too twee, so opt for the relaxed and rumpled finish of natural linen bedding instead. And for a his and her compromise, a moody blue and peachy pink colour scheme really does look the business.

No matter which way you choose to style it, a penchant for pink promises to bring a boost of positivity and personality to your bedroom. Are you as giddy for blush tones as us? Or does it make you think more Pepto than peonies? Get in touch, we’d love to know.

Lizzy x

P.S. For more ideas on how to add blush pink to your home, take a peep at our Pinterest board.