We love colour and pattern, but that doesn't mean we don't have a soft spot for wonderful white bed linen. Perhaps a choice that is a little daunting, especially if you have pets, children or love a morning coffee in bed. We're here to convince you that white bed linen is not hard work, boring or basic in any way!

Simple, but never boring

A bed made up of only white can get a bad name as the boring option, in contrast to bright colours and patterns, but it's not. White bedding is hugely versatile, as it goes with everything, and you can put any colour of accessories with it. If you've gone for colour on the walls and soft furnishings, white bed linen will bring the focus back to the bed, the main feature of your bedroom.

An easy update

If you've tired of your bedroom style but don't want to pull out the paint, or fork out on new furniture then switch up your sheets. Popping crisp white cotton sheets on your bed gives the impression of a newly decorated room, without the effort and expense. You'll be surprised at what a difference it makes.

Show off your favourite things

If you have a show stopping bed or artwork that you adore then let that be the focal point of your room. White bedding gives you a fresh canvas to build up and add personality too. Dress your white bed linen with cosy cushions in pastels or bright colours. Add texture with throws and layer up to create drama. The simpler your bedding, the crazier you can be with the rest of the room.

A crowd-pleaser

If you're struggling to compromise when it comes to your bedroom decor, keep your linens white to keep the peace. The perfect balance between masculine and feminine decor. We also know that white bedding is the top choice when it comes to spare bedrooms, for this exact reason. You won't have a guest that's going to grumble if they're sleeping in simple, stylish white sheets. If you're desperate to add a hint of colour, try our Grey Cord Bedding. Beautiful 400 thread count cotton percale, with a simple double line of grey cording around the edge for a smart hotel look.

Improve sleep with calming white

Ever wondered why when you stay in a hotel you leave thinking "that's the best night's sleep I've had in ages". Well it's not a coincidence that most hotels use white bedding as their top choice. As well as being easy for them to keep clean, white bed linen has a calming effect on your mood, leaving you sleeping soundly. Replicate the luxury of hotel quality sheets in your own bedroom for quality zzz's every night. We recommend our 600 thread count white bedding for the ultimate hotel experience.

Timeless elegance

Trends come and go, we know this more than anyone. Something that's a bestseller one year, can soon be replaced as another trend takes its place. Make sure your bedroom style stays timeless. Stick with colours and patterns that won't go out of style. White bed linen is always on trend, fashionable and looks great in any bedroom, so what's not to love?

What makes you love white on your bed? Or if you're still not convinced tell us why...