Winter is the perfect time for spending evenings in, getting cosy and enjoying a good book.

The biggest piece of sleep advice we give is to try not to use your phone just before bed... if you can, don't even have it in the room. The best way to settle down for bed is with a jolly good book.

Reading for just 6 minutes before bed can help to reduce your stress levels by a third! Who knew?

Here's our seven favourite books to kick the New Year off...

1. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

We love the story behind this author as much as the book itself. The book was discovered after the author decided to enter a writing competition once she'd hit her 40's. Well... she won and has now sold her debut novel for huge sums worldwide!

The book tells the story of a lonely, yet deceptively 'normal' woman, Eleanor. The story of why she is so isolated is gradually unpicked throughout the book. It seems to be the book that everybody is reading the year, and for good reason.

2. The Magic

We do love books that make you reflect on who you are... self-help books aren't what they used to be! Rhonda Byrne's previous book "The Secret" delved into the art of love and this time she delves into the art of gratitude. She explores different techniques, so you can learn to have a positive outlook.

The perfect book to pick up if you're a 'glass half empty' person. The book follows a 28-day programme that is designed to make sure you smile more every day. The perfect antidote to any January blues. Harriet is giving it a go, we'll let you know how she gets on.

3. The Immoralists

A novel about fate and life choices. This novel by Chloe Benjamin tells the story of four siblings who believe they know the date they're going to die after speaking with a travelling psychic. Being part of a 4 sibling dynasty ourselves, we couldn't help but be intrigued by this one.

Each sibling has a different life journey, exploring the ideas of 'living in the moment' or living sensibly and for longer. This one's a big page turner, so maybe start it a little before bedtime.

4. Self Care for the Real World

A simple guide to easy ways that you can be better to yourself. This book has practical, real ways that you can improve your confidence and feel better with a little self-care.

The perfect little book for your bedside.

5. Milk & Honey

Rupi Kaur describes herself as an 'InstaPoet'. Sharing her poems on Instagram helped her to grow a huge following. Her poems about self-empowerment, violence and femininity have seen her originally self-published book be re-printed 16 times!

If poetry is what calms you down before bedtime, then these short story-telling poems are well worth a read.

6. Year of Yes

Part memoir, part self-help, this book tells the story of the hugely successful creator of many hit television shows. She's done extremely interesting things with her life, is intelligent, and although her life may not be completely relatable to everybody (or anybody), she somehow still feels relatable.

The book is full of short blog style essays, encouraging you to relish in "yes" moments. Saying yes to more opportunities and seeing where it takes you.

The ideal book if you're looking to be open to new things in 2018.

7. The Power

A thought-provoking book set in another world, where women have all the power. Able to electrocute through their fingertips, this book is great if you love sci-fi or alternate realities.

Exploring the ideas as to why people abuse power. Unfortunately, there's no clear-cut answer, but that doesn't stop this being a great book.

Share your favourites with us to, and enjoy

The SLS Team

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