What's not to love about white? It's clean, simple and looks amazing in any interior. We've created a white bedding guide to give you all the information you need when choosing your linen. We've covered everything you need to know about our wonderful white bedding from weaving, finishes, thread count, and how to keep them bright and fresh for longer.

Weaves and Finishes

Cotton Sateen Weave

Woven so that the maximum amount of the warp shows on the surface of the fabric. A sateen finish will leave you with a very smooth surface, that almost leaves a shine on the fabric. It's very, very luxurious to the touch, will iron like a dream and feel cool as your slip between the sheets. Both our Oyster Border (300 thread count) and Luxury White bedding (600 thread count) have a sateen weave and finish.

Percale Weave

Percale cotton is the name given to a straight weave fabric that has more than a 180 thread count. This leaves you with a cool, smooth and crisp finish on both sides of the fabric, which is why it's so popular in textiles, especially with white bedding. Not only does crisp white bedding look and feel amazing, but it's hard-wearing and can handle lots and lots of washing (which is why B&B's love our White Cotton Percale Bedding!).

Jacquard Weave

Jacquard weaving is done on a jacquard loom; this is an amazing machine that lets you add a pattern to the fabric as it is woven. Our 600 thread count bedding is created on a jacquard loom in both plain white and stripes. If you are looking for the absolute best, then our 600 thread count bedding collection is the one for you. We guarantee you won't find better for this price.

Thread Count Choices

We couldn't not talk about thread count in our white bedding guide. It's the buzzword in bedding but although it's important, it isn't the be all and end all. You can make a 200 thread count fabric with great yarns (like we do) or a 200 thread count with poor quality yarns. One will be fab and the poor yarns will feel awful on your skin. If you want to know a little more about whether thread counts are really important Molly cleared things up in another post a while back.

Our white range of bedding covers different thread count qualities, but all are woven with the best quality long staple yarns, we really don't think you can get better than these for the best prices.

600 thread count white bedding is the best of the best, we shout about ours from the rooftops. We'll let you in on a secret. You can't make bed linen in a higher thread count without manipulating and twisting the yarns, or using poorer quality yarns. Don't be fooled by claims of thread counts in the thousands. Our Luxury White and Luxury White Stripe bed linen and bed sheets are a pleasure to snooze in, a silky soft treat.

We then have our crisp 400 thread count grey cord and plain 400 thread count white cotton percale.

We are especially fond of our 200 thread count, although not as luxurious as the rest of the bunch, it's the best out there at this quality, for the best value. For the same quality with a little more pizzazz we have White Cord, with a simple embroidered cord border.

The Details


If you're after an extra bit of detail, then choose a bedding set with an embroidered cord. This extra detailing takes a lot of effort and is applied by hand by our lovely factory friends. It takes a lot of time, care and skill but it's the finishing touch that makes your bed extra special. Our 200 thread count can come with a single embroidered cord or our 400 thread count comes with an extra special grey, double cord border.

How to care for your white bedding

Keeping your whites bright

There really is nothing than grey whites. Look after your white bedding and it will shine for you and give you that hotel bed feeling night and night.

If you're not sure how often you should wash your bedding, we recommend every week. Keeping it fresh will keep it white. Keep your eyes peeled for drips and drops of tea and coffee, we know there is nothing better than a cuppa in bed, but they can hard to get off. As you do with your clothes, keep your white bed linen separate from the rest (and be extra careful of the odd red sock slipping into the machine!).

To keep your whites even brighter try Biotex, it involves soaking and little more effort, but will really give your whites back their zing. If you look after your whites, they will wear out before they become grey.

Molly's Ironing Tips

There's no better place to be than a freshly ironed bed. Save time by folding your pillowcases, duvet covers and flat sheets when ironing and always iron your fitted sheet onto the bed. Try to iron your bedding when still a little damp, and to make your white percale bedding even crisper use some spray starch when ironing.

How to store your bed linen

The dreaded words for those of us who love white bedding... dust and dirt. There's nothing worse that popping your clean sheets into a dusty linen cupboard. Keep your whole set together inside an old (and clean!) pillowcase. Not only will your airing cupboard look much more organised, your bedding will stay in sets, clean and perfectly pressed for that Friday night clean sheet treat.