Making the decision to have wallpaper up in your home always seems so permanent. Wallpaper allows you to add some vibrant colour, pattern or texture, to any wall or space in your home but with interior trends changing almost as often as fashion, how can you be certain you’re still going to love it a year or two down the line?

Thankfully there is hope in the form of a new breed of wallpaper, that’s easy to remove (finally!) and causes little or no damage to the wall behind it. Perfect if you’re renting and your landlord is a little on the beige side.


If you’re after something a little different, that won’t cost you the earth, Etsy is the place to look. They have literally everything you could want for interiors, gifts and jewellery, and they have some amazing independent suppliers of removable wallpaper. Betapet specifically have a store crammed with all the colours and designs you could dream of, and they’re all removable. Everything they sell is a self-adhesive vinyl, meaning you have to peel it, stick it and it’s done. When you’re ready just peel it back off. Genius.

Secret Linen Store. Decorate with removable wallpaper. Etsy store Betapet

Graham & Brown

British based company Graham & Brown are experts when it comes to wallpaper and have developed range upon range of intricate designs that just keep selling. They were one of the first in the business to develop wallpaper that you can paste directly onto the wall, understanding that ‘what goes up, must come down’ and they ensure it comes down easily. Take a peek at their huge choice of designs, pick your favourite and get pasting!


Based in rural Bath, Beut source beautiful homewares which includes a huge array of wallpaper. All the products they source from around the UK are designed to offer something a little different, and they ensure that all designs are truly unique. Their beautiful wallpapers offer practicality, humour and spark the imagination, but can be a little on the pricey side, so perhaps not the best choice if you’re thinking of relocating anytime soon. As with Graham & Brown the majority of their wallpapers are non-woven, meaning you paste the wall rather than the paper (make sure to check the one you love is non-woven to avoid a tricky removal process).

Whether you’re planning on wallpapering an entire room, the cupboard under the stairs or just a strip above the fireplace, there is now no excuse not to add a touch of pattern into your home. Let us know if you have any secret wallpaper suppliers we’ve not included (it’s perfect for our photoshoots) in the comments below.