It's that time of year for the annual spring clean. It's not the best way to spend a weekend, but you'll be thanking yourself once it's done. We always start with the bedroom, the most important room in the house (we're not biased, honest).

Here's a handful of our tips for making your bedroom spring clean a little easier, quicker and maybe even a little enjoyable (although we make no promises!).

Clear your clutter

First things first, before the deep cleaning commences... de-clutter. Whizz through your bedroom with a couple of boxes to hand. Any clutter that doesn't belong can be popped into one box and put in it's proper home later in the day. It's also the perfect time to have a cleanse of your bits and bobs. Anything in your bedroom that you don't want, love or need anymore can go to a better home, to a charity shop or if it's really well loved straight in the bin.

Flip your mattress

Stripping the bed is the best place to start and fresh sheets is the best way to finish a spring clean.

Once you've stripped the bed and whilst you're airing your bedding, take the opportunity to flip and turn your mattress. One of those tasks we know we should all do more often, but never get around to. Flipping your mattress makes it last much longer, feel more comfortable, improve support for your back and make you sleep better too.

Don't make lists

Our biggest bit of advice... don't make a list. Putting every job you need to get done into one long, long list will make the job feel even more daunting. It's your home, clean what you want, finish when your finished, carry on if you can. As long as you're happy with the outcome it doesn't matter if you got around to cleaning the underneath of the bed.

Tackle the jobs you never get around to doing, and leave the jobs that get done on a weekly basis.

Rearrange your linen cupboard

We're firm believers in #CleanSheetSunday. We pop fresh sheets on our beds every Sunday, because nothing beats that fresh sheet feeling.

However, it only takes a couple of weeks and the linen cupboard can becoming a toppling tower of clean sheets, unfolded sheets and mismatched pillowcases... it makes changing the bed even more stressful than it needs to be.

Use your spring clean to have a clean up. One of the simplest tricks to making your linen cupboard happier is learning to fold your fitted sheets properly... it can be done (we have a very easy guide below).

To make #FreshSheetSunday even easier, put all your complete sets together (a sheet, matching pillowcases and your duvet cover). Everything folded, ironed and stored away inside one of your old pillowcases. This will keep your sheets dust free and you'll never have to rummage for the right size sheet again.

Know your quick wins

To feel most accomplished in your spring clean, choose the jobs that you know will make you feel great. These are you quick and easy jobs, that take a little time but make a bit impact.

Our favourite quick cleans...

  • Clean your lampshades with a lint roller, rather than taking them down to wash.
  • Light a candle before you start, so the room smells great by time you're done.
  • Clean the inside of your radiator with a wire coat hanger covered with a duster.
  • Put a wash on and put away all your clean clothes.

Remember, it's OK to outsource

We're all different. Some of us love to lose hours cleaning away, music on, with no other distractions... and then there's those that just don't have the patience. It's OK to give yourself a break and ask for some help when your spring clean comes around.

If you're in need of a helping hand, why not ask a friend very nicely if they'll join your for a day of cleaning. You'll be surprised how willing people are to lend a hand with the promise of a large glass of wine at the end... it might even make the task more fun.

If your carpets need some TLC then get a professional in to do the job properly. The same can be said for your oven, windows and chimney sweeping. These jobs take time, are mucky and will probably be done better by somebody else.

Finishing touches

Once you've done all the nitty gritty cleaning, don't forget to put it all back together. Pop some fresh sheets on, treat yourself to some fresh flowers, a new cushion or throw for the bed, stand back and admire your handiwork.

Once your done, don't forget to pat yourself on the back, whether that's an early night, lovely long Sunday lie-in or a really big G & T (or two).