Spring has sprung, and it's the season for fresh starts, and fresh flowers.

If you're getting ready for a big spring clean for your home, it's also a good time to give your bedtime routine a little overhaul.

If you're spending your evenings worrying about your to-do list (and usually finding more to add to it!) it's probably affecting your sleep. There's always going to be things to do, big and small... and worrying about these won't help you sleep better, getting into a routine will.

We have some secrets to share on how to tidy up your bedtime routine to help you sleep better, night after night.

Clean your bedside

If you're anything like us, your bedside accumulates bits and bobs that don't belong there. Give it a little clean of dust and dirt and take this opportunity to make sure there's no clutter, only your sleep essentials.

Make your bed better

Spring is the perfect time to treat your bed.

If you have an uncomfortable mattress, it might be time to invest in a new one, or treat yourself to a topper. Flat pillows might be waking you wake up through the night, or your duvet might be just too heavy now it's getting a little warmer.

A fresh set of bed linen might be all you need to make all the difference. There's no better feeling than climbing into fresh sheets, and that's even better when they're brand new. Choose 100% cotton so that they're breathable and they'll feel amazing against your skin.

Just taking the time to make your bed every morning, might make all the difference to your sleep. If your bed looks great, you'll be eager to climb into your sheets earlier each night. Read our guide on how to make the perfect bed.


Sit down for a cuppa

There's nothing more relaxing than settling down with a nice hot cup of tea. A hot cup of chamomile tea about an hour and a half before you're going to sleep will help to make you fall asleep quicker. Chamomile contains glycerine, which helps to relax your muscles.

If tea isn't up your street, cherry juice or a glass of milk will have the same effects.

Turn off your tech

This might seem like an obvious one, but our phones and tablets are still causing us to get less sleep every night. If you have a habit of scrolling through your phone before bed, make an effort to leave it out of the bedroom.

Instead of using your phone as an alarm, treat yourself to a proper alarm clock. An alarm that wakes you up with light and gentle sound is best for easing you out of sleep (Harriet swears by her Lumie).

Exercise before bed

Keeping active and exercising regularly will encourage deeper sleep. We might feel like we need hours and hours of extra sleep to get rid of that tired sleep, but what we need is a good, deep sleep.

To make sure your sleep benefits from your exercise routine, try to fit it in a few hours before you head to bed. Morning workout are great at waking you up, but won't help as much when it comes to getting your 40 winks.

We've written a whole post about sleep and exercise here, and we even recruited the help of an expert to teach us a bedtime yoga routine, that will aid great sleep.

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