'It's a Feeling' Awards

Drumroll, please! Ladies and gentlemen, linen lovers, and feel-good enthusiasts, gather around because we've got some exciting news to brighten up your day (and night). We're rolling out the virtual red carpet, popping the confetti cannons, and unleashing a burst of celebratory energy because it's time to introduce you to the most feel-tastic event of the year: the Secret Linen Store’s 'It's a Feeling' Awards!

At the Secret Linen Store, we have a deep-seated passion for all things cosy, comfy, and downright delightful. We're all about those little moments that make you go, "Ahh, this is the life!". Whether it's snuggling up in your favourite bed linens, sipping on a comforting cuppa, or escaping into a book that makes you laugh out loud, we believe that life is all about those heart-warming, mood-lifting moments.

You can find all the small details here.


Made It.

The Chill Pill Award

The sleep-inducing remedy that gives you that glorious 'can't-keep-my-eyes-open' feeling.

Wild Nutrition Night Time Duo

We love Wild Nutrition’s Night Time Duo to help us unplug and unwind with the ultimate calming combination. The founder-formulated supplements retain whole-plant goodness and make for a relaxing transition to the land of nod.

Extracted Sleepee Doze

Sleepee Doze is a completely natural formula that tackles every aspect of sleep to give you a positive new lease of life. Extracted second our belief that EVERYONE deserves a beautiful night’s sleep.

Form Nutrition ZZZZs

Form Nutrition ZZZZs are vegan, dairy free, gluten free, GMO and soy free, but not free from all the good stuff that helps you get some quality shut-eye. We love this B Corp brand's eco-credentials as well as their 'good night's sleep' credentials.

Nutri Advanced Magnesium Glycinate

Nutri Advanced are experts in the world of supplementation and so we can trust them when we know their magnesium is of the highest quality. That gets a big ‘yay’ from us.

The Hug-in-a-Mug Award

The richest, sweetest, most delicious hot chocolate that gives you the ultimate, indulgent bedtime feeling.

Ancient & Brave Cacao & Collagen

We didn’t think sweet treat and health food could coexist, but here we are. Ancient & Brave’s Cacao & Collagen is a deliciously smooth chocolate blend with highly absorbable collagen, to encourage you to glow from within.

Clipper Instant Hot Chocolate

Clipper’s hot chocolate is seriously velvety, perfect for cosying up with on a cold day. We also love that it is ethically sourced and Fairtrade, which makes the indulgent treat feel even better!

Divine Chocolate Winter Warming Spiced Hot Chocolate

Have you ever wanted to capture that super snug autumn/winter feeling? Well, Divine Chocolate have done this, and made it into a hot chocolate. Delicious!

Food Thoughts Organic Cocoa Powder

Food Thoughts Organic Cocoa Powder is delicious without any added sugar, additives, or flavourings, which is for the best as we would like to drink a gallon of it. It’s quite the multitasker, as it can make a deliciously rich mug of hot cocoa.

The Speedy Bedtime Award

The magical makeup removing aids that speed up your bedtime skincare routine, helping you achieve that 'made it' feeling faster.

Magnitone Wipe Out Bamboo Makeup Remover Duo

These reusable, eco-friendly makeup remover cloths and pads are friendly to the planet and friendly to your skin. The microfibre cloths and SWIPES pads are super soft and perfect for sensitive skin.

The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Facial Wipes

Free from perfume, naturally derived, made from sustainably
sourced bamboo, plastic free, vegan and cruelty free… the list goes on.

Evolve Gentle Cleansing Melt

This luxurious organic cleansing balm contains nourishing
baobab oil that soothes and hydrates, whilst cleansing skin and melting away make up at the end of the day.

Balance Me Flash Cleanse Micellar Water

We want to get ready for bed in a flash, and this product does what it says on the tin. Take your makeup off in a flash and be ready for the all-important snooze time. Bonus: it hydrates, plumps and refreshes at the same time! 


8:59 am

The Sleep-In Saver Award

Commending the comfiest sleep mask that lets you snooze until the very last minute

Sensory Retreats Luxury Cushioned Silk Mask

This beautifully plush sleep mask comes with 10 heat pads,
which will transform you into a whole different world of cosiness! Perfect for those longer, luxurious lie-ins.

Yoga Matters Hydrea Bamboo Relaxing Lavender Eye Pillow

This eye mask is padded with real lavender flowers and rice
and acts as a natural compress to help muscles relax. It can be gently heated, or cooled in the freezer. If you’re looking for a luxurious lie-in, this eye pillow will help you get there!

Smalls Merino Sleepy Eye Mask

Smalls Merino Sleepy Eye Mask contains 100% traceable EMAS
certified wool. We love a brand that shows transparency in where their fabrics come from. This wool eye mask will keep you cosy from dusk to dawn and beyond.

Elizabeth Scarlett Conservation Eye Mask

The Elizabeth Scarlett Conservation Eye Masks (choose Turtle or Elephant!) not only look the part for a morning of pure sleep-in indulgence, but they also play a part in protecting our planet. This will definitely help you sleep at night!

The Little Cup of Miracle Award

The coffee or tea that gives you that 'pep up and go' feeling.

Host Happymaking Coffee

We love a local business and Host Coffee certainly makes us
feel happy. Host shares the West Sussex county with us – lucky things! Their independent, ethical and delicious coffee certainly packs a punch.

Pact House Coffee

Pact Coffee is a fellow B Corp pal who ensure that all their coffee is ethically sourced, which is a big yes from us! Their 100% speciality-grade luxuriously chocolatey house coffee is truly a little cup of miracle.

Coaltown Good Vibes Coffee

If you’re looking for some unique deliciousness in your morning cuppa, Coaltown Good Vibes is a go-to. We, of course, love that this coffee comes from a women-led cooperative from the Narino region of Colombia.

Origin Stronghold Coffee

This Origin Stronghold Coffee is one truly beautiful blend. We love the classic coffee taste with flavours of dark chocolate, brown sugar and fudge to satisfy our sweet tooth.

The Scented Slumber Award

The spray, essential oil or candle that gives you that oh-so-soothing feeling.

Neom Bedtime Hero Candle

Neom Bedtime Hero Candle is the epitome of bedtime luxury.
The dreamy blend has 12 essential oils which help calm and soothe.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray has become a staple in
our bedtime wind-down routine, and it’s easy to see why. It has been proven to help you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more refreshed.

Pure Cariad No. 1 Sleep Diffuser

This diffuser allows the scents of lavender, peppermint and
sage to dance around your bedroom, creating a snooze-worthy atmosphere. We feel sleepy just thinking about this gorgeous diffuser by Pure Cariad.

Anatome The Apothecary Sleep Set

This apothecary set is a quadruple treat! With lavender
oil, Somali frankincense, blue chamomile and Japanese seaweed, you’re encouraging a wonderful slumber from all sides.

The Snooze Button Hero

The alarm clock that understands the art of a gentle wake-up call.

Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300

This Lumie alarm clock mimics the light and colour of a real
sunrise, meaning that when you wake up you naturally feel more awake and refreshed. You can even use this alarm clock to settle down for the night with the fading sunset setting, which helps you unwind naturally.

Barisieur Tea & Coffee Alarm Clock

The only thing better than being brought a cuppa in bed is
waking up to a cuppa in bed. We personally can’t think of anything better than stirring awake by the smell of a morning brew.

Osalis Wake Up Light with Nature Sounds

Waking up to light in your room automatically makes us feel
more ready for today and the nature sounds included in this alarm clock embodies the art of a gentle wake-up call. No more panic-inducing alarm clock sounds!

Sunrise Soothing Alarm Clock App

We love the Sunrise app because it means a new alarm clock
doesn’t need to compete with the gorgeous, oversized lamps that are taking up the majority of our bedside tables. Plus, next day delivery is great, but how’s instant delivery for you?

The Morning Motivation

The diary or planner that gives you that 'I've got this' feeling.

The Productivity Method Berry Successful Planner

We’re a sucker for a beautiful pink design, and the Berry
Successful Planner
is just that. The planner is also designed with productivity in mind, based on the best-selling book ‘The Productivity Method.’

Ponderlily Undated Weekly Weekly Planner in Linen

This planner makes us smile from ear to ear, with the self-care prompts and space to write down our goals. We also love that this planner is crafted from eco-conscious materials.

The Positive Planner - The Positive Planner

The Positive Planner is packed full of prompts for positive affirmations, daily reflections and mindfulness activities, all designed to make you feel like your best self. We’re all for spreading that kind of positivity and that’s what put The Positive Planner on our shortlist.

Green Dreamer Digital Download Planner

Pen and paper planners aren’t for everyone, and that was true in the Secret Linen Store team. This digital download planner was recommended as the perfect solution for people who didn’t want an extra something to carry around with them.


The Great Escape.

The Bookworm's Holiday Award

Celebrating the book that has made us escape to the furthest realm.

The Burnout by Sophie Kinsella

The Burnout makes that feeling of complete fatigue and
‘I’ve-hit-a-wall’ that so many of us know, completely relatable and completely hilarious.

You, Again by Kate Goldbeck

We love an enemies-to-friends-to-lovers plot and that is exactly what this romance delivers.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

A book that is trending for all the right reasons. This book has won countless awards already, so it’s not a surprise that it’s popped up on our 'It’s a Feeling' awards too.

Weirdo by Sara Pascoe

We all know that Sara Pascoe is a funny lady, and we can confirm her writing is just as spit-out-your-tea laugh inducing. Peculiar and poignant moments fill the pages of this book.

The Glamping Guru Award

The rural escape that retains ultimate comfort, giving you the BEST feeling of cosy adventure.

Tylda Tents

Tylda Tents offer luxury, sustainable holiday tents in Cornwall and Devon for the ultimate, glamping getaway. You might even see some Secret Linen Store bedding on the beds!

Harta Retreat

We love the unique stay offering by Harta Retreat which give you the cosiest place to stay after a day full of fresh air and adventure.

Treehouse Retreats at Cowdray Estate

Allowing us to unleash our inner child and live every kid’s dream by sleeping in an actual treehouse. Although, they’re a fair bit more luxurious than a DIY job in the garden…

Hutterly Beautiful

Beautiful interior, with every detail thought about. A stunning experience in a stunning hut! Plus, this hut boasts an outdoor wood-fired hot tub, keeping you warm as toast through every season.

The Rejuvenation Destination Award

The restful retreat that gives the feeling of ultimate restoration.

The Dreaming by Charlotte Church

The Dreaming is the perfect place for some R&R, nestled in the heart of nature. We are all for being playful, and this child-like curiosity is encouraged at this unique retreat.

Soul Sanctuary Retreats

Yogis listen up, this one is for you! This yoga, meditation and movement retreat moves around the globe, so you can enjoy a UK staycation or catch some waves in Sri Lanka.

The Weekender at Birch Cheshunt

A weekend break at Birch Cheshunt is full of good food, open spaces, beautiful accommodation, and activities that help you disconnect from the outside world. It’s a 'yes' from us!  

The Detox Barn by The Gavin Sisters

Think beautiful barn conversion, open fires, exposed beams, a 2-acre garden and heaps of space. Here you can enjoy nutritious meals, grounding yoga, a healthy dose of education and relaxing countryside walks.

The Adventure Ready Award

The outdoor gear brand that gives you that 'ready for anything' feeling.


Passenger is more than just an outdoor gear brand; it's a lifestyle. Their products are designed to accompany you on your wildest adventures, from the mountains to the coast. 

Fat Face

A fellow B Corp, Fat Face understands the thrill of the great outdoors, and their gear reflects that enthusiasm. When you choose their products, you're investing in gear that can withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring you're always adventure-ready.


Alpkit is synonymous with adventure. Whether you're into hiking, camping, or climbing, Alpkit has you covered. They're known for their innovative gear that's both practical and affordable. 


Finisterre is the brand for those who want to embrace the elements. Another fab B Corp brand, they provide top-notch outdoor apparel that keeps you comfortable in any weather. 


The Rulebreaker.

The Midnight Munchies Award

The best late-night snacks to indulge in bed, giving you that rulebreaker feeling.

Yumello Salted Date Peanut Butter

Yumello are breaking rules when it comes to classic flavour
combinations. Salted dates weren’t what came to mind when we thought about our fave peanut butter but this is deliciously sweet, salty and creamy with the perfect amount of crunchy.

Monty Bojangles Choccy Scoffy Chocolatey Truffles

Monty Bojangles Choccy Scoffy Chocolatey Truffles – try
saying that with a mouthful of chocolate – are delicately soft yet intensely chocolatey. These are every chocoholic’s dream!

H!P Cookies No Cream Chocolate

We’re not sure how H!P has made this delightful creation so
deliciously creamy with absolutely no cream but we’re not complaining. Completely moreish.

Exploding Bakery Lemon Polenta & Pistachio Traybake

Freshly squeezed lemons and bold green pistachios collided
together in this banging traybake. It’s almost too pretty to eat, but we certainly can manage. Made by hand in Devon and delivered nationally.

The B Corp Bestie Award

The fellow, certified B Corporations, who are also striving to make things better

Wild Nutrition

Wild Nutrition saved 22.5km of paper wrap with their new
packaging, their team pledged 800 hours of food bank support to feed local Sussex families and they are always looking for more ways to give back to their customers. A cheer for our B Corp bestie in the nutritional supplements space!

Faith in Nature

Faith in Nature is also a purpose-led business that aims to give a voice and a vote to nature. Hoorah to that! They’re always super busy planting trees, maintaining a carbon balanced status and working towards even more natural formulations and planet-friendly packaging.

Coat Paints

Coat is leading the charge in the paint world by producing cleaner products, smarter solutions and bigger thinking. Their paints are 100% solvent-free paints, with recyclable products and packaging and made-to-order for zero waste. We’re happy diving into bed in a bedroom painted with Climate Positive paint.

Innocent Drinks

In addition to producing delicious drinks and making us smile, they’re also doing some great things for people and the planet.

The Planet-Saving Packaging Award

The brand that also strives for eco-friendly packaging, to make sure you feel great about your purchases.


Smol creates high-performance home-cleaning products that
are all sustainably packaged, making sustainable swaps accessible for all. Washes by smol have saved 1585 tonnes of plastic, 4033 tonnes of chemicals, 22429 tonnes of carbon, 48 tonnes of animal fat, 2001031 litres of water shipped and have donated 422845 washes. Not bad, smol, not bad.


Patagonia are hot on the activism, but what they’re not shouting about is their fantastic packaging. All their packaging is recycled and recyclable.


TALA activewear provides a sustainable alternative to fast
fashion. Our favourite part of their packaging is the plantable tags! That’s right, you can plant the tags from their clothing and they grow into a herb, flower or spice.


We’re so accustomed to seeing water in plastic bottles, that we never stopped to consider that there could be a planet-friendlier alternative. BOXED water decided to start selling water in a 92% plant-based box and we think that’s pretty cool.