Christmas traditions

The food. The tree. The matching pyjamas. We all celebrate Christmas differently! Whether it’s sherry and a singalong or frantic pressie opening followed by flumping in front of the TV, it’s these seasonal traditions that make every family wonderful (or wonderfully weird). They help make memories that last a lifetime and stop the true meaning of the day from being lost in the hustle and bustle. Ready to have your hearts melted? Here are some of the Secret Linen Store’s favourite festive customs.

  1. When Jess was living in Claygate, Surrey, Christmas wasn’t complete without watching the Morris Men performing at the pub on Boxing Day. Jigging since 1952, the group are distinguished by their blue and yellow ribbons and describe the Thames Valley dancing style as ‘brisk and vigorous, left-footed, and danced with subdued aggression.’ Does anything say barmy British Christmas tradition more than a gaggle of air punching gent’s bedecked in bells and boaters? We think not.
  2. Jodie’s new address hasn’t been forwarded to Santa yet, so he still drops off her presents (as long as she’s been good!) at her parent’s house. But before they can set upon their stockings, everyone must stand on the stairs and wait for Dad to check that old Grandfather Frost has left.
  3. Just like the Queen, Laima and her family celebrate on Christmas Eve with a festive feast and presents for the kids from Mum and Dad. Then, on the Big Day itself, Saint Nick stops by to deliver a second bundle of goodies to open. Double presents? Double yes, please!
  4. Every Christmas Eve Lizzy’s family get a knock on their front door. Her 6-year-old dashes to open it only to discover the Speedy Elf has already scampered off, leaving a box on the step containing festive jammies, hot chocolate and a personalised Christmas storybook (it’s the same one every year, but he hasn’t cottoned on yet). Do get in touch if you’ve ever caught a glimpse of Santa’s zippy little helper, they would love to thank him!
  5. When chatting about Yuletide traditions in the office, Molly and Harriet share many of the same (can you tell they’re sisters?) with ‘croissants and orange juice for breakfast!’. For them Christmas was and still is, very much a family affair with a strict no TV rule, getting dressed up in their Sunday best and a marathon of games, fun and silliness.
  6. Harriet stays in on Christmas Eve. Going out always seems strange. She prefers a quiet night in, with a glass of Baileys on ice, a Christmas film, and the children tucked up in bed as early as possible. Besides, who wants a hangover on Christmas day?
  7. For Birdie, part of the magic of Christmas is taking a trip to the movies. From Star Wars to Lord of the Rings, there’s always a blockbuster on at this time of the year to bolster your festive spirits. Plus, it’s a great way of keeping the kids quiet (and your relatives from rowing)!

From all of us at the Secret Linen Store, thank you for another incredible year, we hope your Christmas jingles, twinkles and is jam-packed full of holiday cheer. And let us know your family traditions, we would love to hear from you!

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