Well it's fair to say this has been our busiest month ever!

The craziness of Black Friday meant we had our busiest day yet, and we were wrapping parcels every hour of the day all weekend long... we only just feel like we've finally caught up.

Now we're looking forward to Christmas... Mince pies, Christmas lights, carols and spending evenings on the sofa under a pile of blankets. But, before all that... here's all the things we loved about November.


A little while back we made friends with a local business The Little Botanical. We thought they were great, selling beautiful house plants and succulents online, sent straight to your front door.

They've finally launched their website, so you can go and see just how great they are too. Their green plants and tiny pots are the perfect gift for Christmas and are just the thing if you're looking to brighten up your bedroom throughout the winter.

Happy shopping!


With Christmas shopping in full swing, we've been looking for alternatives to our usual go to gifts.

Our favourite discovery so far is Parcel London. They curate beautiful gift boxes full of wonderful bits and bobs from unique businesses. Each one is wrapped beautifully, and we think it's the perfect 'special present'... we know we'd love to receive one!

Everything can be personalised, from the photos in frames to the wrapping and a message to go with it. Great idea.


We've always been big fans of Sharon Horgan (in fact her last show Catastrophe was included in a secret sevens way back when).

Well we love her latest show just as much (perhaps even more!). Motherland is one of the best things we've seen lately. Well worth a watch if you're looking for some laughs. Currently available on BBC iplayer.


At the beginning of the month we took ourselves into London to attend the British Small Business Awards. We've been to a few other swanky award ceremonies this year, happy just to be there and missed out on the big win to some amazing brands.

However, for this time we didn't miss out... we won! We are officially the Small Business of the Year and we couldn't be happier! We celebrated with a few glasses of bubbles and we now have the award proudly on display.


This month surprise surprise we've been making beds. But not just our own beds...

We've been making the beds for our friends Button & Sprung. They sell super beds and mattresses and have a great big showroom in London and we've decked out some of their beds in our finest linens.

As an online business we don't often get to see our bed linen shown off in all its glory. Pop along if you're in the area and in the market for a lovely big bed (and bed linen, of course).


This month Molly's been re-discovering her love for Fleetwood Mac...

"I've been listening to them all month long with my 10 year old daughter, just as I used to with my Dad. I will never tire of them and I love that my daughters discovered them too. My favourite song has to be The Chain... and although I hate to admit it, I LOVE the Harry Styles cover too"

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