This month has gotten awfully dark and gloomy so we're finally starting to get into the festive spirit (it can't still be too early?). This month we've had a fantastic trip to Portugal where we weaved all kinds of colours for next year... and even saw a little sunshine. Here are all the other things we've been smiling about this month.


Anyone with children will have heard or will recognise the work of Oliver Jeffers. His incredible book "Eating Boy" is perhaps the favourite and best known of the lot. Illustrated by the author, the books are magic and unique. We came across this video that he has made all about himself and it is BRILLIANT. We're off to ask if we can work in the place that he keeps all his pens (and he has a nice beard, Molly loves a nice beard)


Planet Earth 2. How could this not make the list? We know most of you already know about it, watch it, love it... but if you're not, then you must. It's the perfect watch for Sunday night, packed full with David Attenborough's soothing tones, places that look like they can't be real and the a snake scene that's something taken straight from a nightmare. Catch up on iPlayer now.


We're very lucky that our little office is based down on the South Coast. We have beaches and parks to stroll around every single weekend. Our favourite for November has to be Petworth Park. A 700 acre deer park and Harriet and Jodie somehow manage to bump into each other there on a Sunday stroll... what are the chances. If you're ever in the area wrap up warm and lose yourself for an hour or two (or even better, wait till Summer make a picnic and lose yourself for the entire day!).


Molly is Radio 4's biggest fan... we don't often have the radio on in the office (we're too busy chatting to customers, talking about sheets or concentrating on fancy spreadsheets), but when Molly's here, you can bet Radio 4 is on. In fact we've all become a little addicted to Desert Island Discs... Yotam Ottelengi was in it (Molly's food hero!!). The rest of us have been catching up on old editions (mainly David Attenborough's episodes)... it's the perfect listen for the drive into work. The concept is fantastic and something that really gets you thinking. What would be your 8 songs you couldn't live without and your luxury item (a pillow, surely?). You can sleep anywhere as long as you have a good pillow.


OK, so there are lots of big budget efforts out there this Christmas... love them or hate them we can't help but watch all the Christmas adverts (do they make us rush out and buy... that's a question for another day). Surprisingly... the advert getting our attention this month isn't even a Christmas one and it's all about baked beans. The adverts actually been canned now due to a couple of complaints about safety... but either way it made us smile a lot.


We want pom, poms. Bags with pom poms, shoes with pom poms, shirts with pom poms... where do these things pop up from? One day, wearing a pom pom would be ridiculous, the next it's all we can think about. How about pom poms on your bed... or do we leave that one for another day?


We we're treated to a piece of homemade cake this week from Molly. A slice of Beetroot cake. Her recipe has been adapted and trialed until perfected, and it even goes pink! You can make it in a moment and it's yummy and it's something different... recipe below amongst beetroot scribbles by Molly's Mabel, aged 9. Vegetables are a must in cakes for Molly, this is her family fave (although we still love chocolate cake too, promise).