Kay and the team at Clothkits have been wonderful to us. They helped us make our very first dresses (read all about our crafty project here) at their wonderful studio. Kay is passionate about all things woven and patterned, so with so much in common I caught up with her to see what sheets she favours too.

Describe your business in 3 words?

Everso slightly mad

  • Instagram or Twitter?

Being a creative gal it has to be Instagram

  • What's on your bed today?

Bills and a bra

  • What do you wear to bed?

Not alot! Liberty print PJ's and a cashmere cardi if I have to be warm and decent

  • Who would you invite to your dream midnight feast? dead / alive/ animal?

Javier Bardem please

  • How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Eggs Benedict with home made hollandaise

  • Cleansheet Friday or Cleansheet Sunday? (Harriet and I disagree)

Er, Tuesday?

  • Flat sheet or fitted sheet?


  • Do you have a bedtime ritual? Can you share it with us?

Hmm, I don't think I have one. It used to be kissing my Adam Ant poster. Actually, I think I should start that up again!

  • You're off for a weekend camping. What one luxury would you take from your bedroom?

Goose down duvet

  • Tell us a secret?

I can be quite forgetful, so generally they go in the grey matter and get a bit lost. It's a great way to keep secrets!

  • Who should Molly meet next?

Javier Bardem... can I come too please?