It's hard for Natasha's blog to not catch your attention... there is just so much colour! She's renowned for taking beautiful photographs and capturing the beautiful, colourful everyday moments in life. Her blog, Candy Pop shares her home and her adventures whilst giving us everyday life lesson (like how we can get a good nights sleep!). Thanks for meeting me Natasha, over to you...

  • Describe your blog in 3 words?

Colourful. Joyful. Inspirational (I hope).

  • What’s the best thing about what you do?

I get the opportunity to meet and work with creative people.

  • What’s your next big interior challenge?

I’d like to paint an oil canvas for my living room.

  • Are you all about long lie ins or up at the lark?

Not too early and not too late.

  • Instagram or Twitter?

Instagram because I love seeing how people capture the world.

  • What's on your bed today?

A beautiful crisp white duvet cover.

  • Do you wear a nightdress, pj's, or nothing?

PJ’s when it’s cold and shorts and a vest when it’s hot.

  • Who would you invite to your dream midnight feast? dead / alive/ animal?

Audrey Hepburn, Kate Bush and my wonderful Grandmother.

  • How do you like your eggs?

Ideally chocolate, but I’d be happy with scrambled on granary bread with a pot of Earl Grey tea.

  • Cleansheet Friday or clean sheet Sunday? (Harriet and I disagree)

Friday because Sunday is a day of rest.

  • Flat sheet or fitted sheet?


  • Do you have a bedtime ritual, can you share it with us?

Switch off technology, tidy away the day and plan for the next.

  • You're off for a weekend camping.. What one luxury would you take from your bedroom?

I’ve never been camping so I wouldn’t know.

  • Tell us a secret?

How much is it worth?

  • Who should Molly meet next?

The beautiful Kathryn of Kat Got The Cream