Here at the Secret Linen Store, we want you to sleep easy-breezy with nothing getting in your way of that perfect nights sleep. That's why we have partnered with our fabulous friends over at The Little Botanical to talk all things plants. With all the knowledge and know-how on what plants are best for air-purifying your bedroom for the dreamiest of sleeps, we'll hand over to our go-to experts to dish the dirt on these glorious green beauties. Over to Nicola...

A good nights' sleep

Where to start? We are The Little Botanical and we’re super passionate about plants. In fact, with four generations of happy plant growing enthusiasts behind us, we live, breathe and sleep plants - and we want to inspire more people to make plants a part of their lives.

Just relax & breath in

We know that plants are nature’s superhero’s, boosting oxygen levels, reducing stress and generally having a positive effect on our mood, wellbeing and energy levels. But, did you know that some of these clever Little Botanicals also work the night shift, beavering away to remove toxins and nasty particles from the air, to aid you with a better, more restful nights’ sleep?

Biology 101

We don’t need to remind you about the benefits of plant respiration - that thing where our green friends take on board carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen love. You super studious lot will remember how photosynthesis works and how plants need sunlight for the magic to happen. However, as we mentioned before, there are some green trojans that go the extra mile, work that bit harder than the rest, doing a 24 hour shift to make sure that we’re all breathing in even more of that lovely oxygen at night. These green gods are the perfect bedtime partners - they’ve muscled up for it - and oh my, they’re looking so good they deserve a green pass to our bedrooms! Perfect air purifying plants that remove toxins and purify the air as you snooze – how comforting is that!

Plants to help you breathe

Don’t just take our word for it, those clever people over at NASA also believe in the power of plants (and you don’t have to be an astronaut to benefit). Studies have shown that by adding four or more plants to a space can improve the air quality by up to 60%, removing formaldehyde, xylene and toluene - impressive. What’s even more impressive is that you don’t need to hold a horticulture degree to know which ones and how to care for them.

Plants that are efficient at purifying the air, removing harmful toxins present in our modern day homes, all while you sleep – natures natural filters and humidifiers – what’s not to like.

Bedtime Greenery

We’ve pulled together a few hardworking houseplants that grow really well in your home, are easy care and won’t give you any sleepless nights worrying about their wellbeing or your lack of green fingers. These plants are smart, streetwise and they mean business.

1. Sansevieria

The top of every bit of research for the plant that purifies the air the most efficiently has to be the Sansevieria. Not only that, but our Snakey is the easiest plant to care for and is one of our best sellers. He has a brother, Spikey, and a cousin Punk, both equally calm and collected on the growing front but big with the air purifying credentials.

2. Ficus House Plants

At TLB we do a variety of Ficus and they all work to purify the air. From our Ficus Ginseng, aka a beginners Bonsai Tree, which is simply stunning and according to Feng Shui, this teeny tiny tree delivers a big punch of good luck and increases the positive flow of energy in your home – a win-win in anyone’s book. The same can be said of the Ficus Benjamina (or Weeping Fig), available in different sizes to fit any corner of your bedroom. This air purifying, glossy leafed Lord, can help filter out pollutants, particularly those that are in carpets or furniture. Ficus Benjamina looks good alone or alongside some plant friends – just treat him like an older relative and make sure he’s not in a draught.

The oh so popluar Fiddle Leaf Fig otherwise known as the Ficus Lyrata are purifiers and beauties. With its large paddle shaped leaves, it does a great job of removing toxins and just looks stunning. Whats not to like? Don’t forget to give those gorgeous leaves the occasional dust!

3. Scindapsus and Devil’s Ivy

If you are looking for an elegant trailing plant, then think about inviting a Scindapsus or Devils Ivy into your home. These attention-grabbing lovelies will trail or climb and my do they grow quickly! Their stunning variegated leaves are a striking addition to any room but especially a bedroom as they’re pretty handy at upping the oxygen levels at night and ridding your room of indoor air nasties.

4. Boston Fern

For some real volume to your bedroom jungle and slumber bliss, add a bouffant Boston Fern. These fabulous ferns with their graceful fronds, really offer some texture and shape. There’s no doubt that a fern will create a peaceful and calm feel to your bedroom, but it’s their toxin removing credentials we’re more impressed with here. Behind that calm exterior they are working extra hard to deliver you a better nights’ sleep – brains and beauty.

5. English Ivy

    Of course, we mustn’t forget about the beautiful trailing English Ivy. According to NASA, she is in the top 10 of Air Purifying plants. She’s a bit of a star when it comes to removing benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and toluene – all the nasties that lie behind sick building syndrome. Imagine how hard she’d work in a bedroom space – the real wonder woman of the plant world! One study tested the effectiveness of English Ivy and showed a 78% drop in air toxins when she was in the room.

    Fresh and Green

    At The Little Botanical we love that feeling of falling into new, fresh bed linen - the smell, the feel – there’s nothing quite like it. Add to that, a couple of green guardians of your sleep and wellbeing, and you have whisked up a smooth, Bublé-esque, bedtime cocktail of dreaminess, so you are perfectly bright eyed every morning.

    Love, Nicola x

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