Leafy Turquoise Bedding

If I’m being honest, I could live anywhere as long as I had the luxury of a big bed, white bedding (600 thread count, of course!) and a splash of turquoise. These two colours are a perfect combination and together take you straight to the Med. Everything about Mediterranean inspired interiors makes me dream of hot sands and beaches (in fact I’m looking out at the sea as I write this, in Cornwall… that’s the Mediterranean right?).

When I designed our new Leafy Turquoise Bedding, I always pictured it paired with white. Choosing the theme at the photo shoot was a given! This bedding goes so well with white that I decided to style it with both a mix of white luxury 600 thread count pillowcases and the continental Leafy Turquoise pillowcases.

With such a strong colour in the bedding, the wall colour needs to be tamed. White washed walls work perfectly with this look. The colour on the bed is enough to brighten up the space, so I would definitely recommend keeping the walls cool, light and white. To keep the Mediterranean feel across the whole room, use lots of natural wood, furniture and accessories… avoid upholstered beds as they are just too traditional.

Think of the Mediterranean, what colours do you associate with it? It has to be shade of greeny blue and white. So stick with that for accessories, glasses, vases, ceramics and trinkets. Have fun when you hunt around for bedroom accessories, keep colour in mind so that when browsing around local junk stores, charity shops and boutiques, the colour will jump out at you. Sophie Cook is a favourite of mine, her ceramics come in a million colours and as long as you stick with the same colour hue they all work beautifully together.

Baskets. I am a MASSIVE fan of baskets. If you take a little tour around the website I’m sure you will find a fair few next to the beds. Small ones, bright ones, big ones… there are even basket lampshades, they are everywhere!

To get this look, pair our new Leafy Turquoise with 600 thread count sheets and pillowcases and add lots of turquoise accessories.

To really make the room feel like your sat in the sun add orange, burnt orange to be specific. These colours work brilliantly well together and add some warmth.

Have you used these colours in your room? Please share with us, we would love to sea (see what we did there?).