Summer has finally arrived! Where has the year gone? The sun really did have his hat on during June... we had the hottest day for 40 years and a long week of tossing and turning, struggling to sleep in the heat.

We're a little glad to have a break from the tropical temperatures and get back to a 'normal' British summer. Here's all the things that made us feel jolly in June.


Molly's latest Instagram obsession... carved fruit and vegetables...

"Gaku Carving is by far my highlight of the month. Look at all the lovely vegetables, so beautifully carved. Who knew a cauliflower could become so completely beautiful?"



We're staying with the vegetable theme. We all wished we could have been at Glastonbury this year, mainly because we heard all about a group that were performing with vegetables as instruments. This has made us smile an awful lot.

If you get a little peckish mid performance, you have a healthy snack to hand too!

Watch the video of them playing at Glastonbury here.


When TV shows are as good as "Riviera" there's really no need to go to the cinema. Harriet hasn't stopped recommending this new Sky show to anyone that will listen. It's got a big budget, a big cast and big, big houses. Amazing outfits, amazing cast and it will have you booking a trip to Monaco in no time at all.


Anything and everything from Kitri.

The new ladies fashion brand is doing with fashion, what we do for bedroom. Premium quality, without the premium prices. We love their simple designs and that there's new bits arriving every week, so there's always something to add to our basket.

This yellow dress is top of our wish list for summer.

You'll have to be quick though. To keep their designs unique, they only create limited quantities of each. At least you know you'll never bump into someone wearing the same thing as you again.



After months and months of snoozing under all kinds of different duvets, we found the perfect range and finally launched it this June.

We knew we wanted to get our range of natural and synthetic duvets and pillows just right. We've tried all the softest feathers and fillings and we now have 7 options we know you're going to love. There's something for everyone, whether you sleep under a hollowfibre duvet, or love the feeling of feather or down.

The whole team at Secret Linen Store went for a jolly to visit the factory and we couldn't be happier that each and every one of our bedding bits are made by people who care, right here in the UK. There's duvets, pillows, toppers and protectors... why not make your bed even comfier?



We're going to be creating a Summer Reading List very soon with all our favourite books to delve into while the sun is shining, but Jodie just had to share her holiday reads.

A two-week holiday sat by the sea in St Lucia, she managed to finish 3 books and find time to snorkel. After obsessing over "Big Little Lies" she tried two more books by the author Liane Moriarty, and both were brilliant... Three Wishes and What Alice Forgot. The third was The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan, the perfect light read for sitting by a pool.


We always worry when the second album of an artist we love is released... will we love it just as much?

We've listened to the new London Grammar album on repeat for the last two weeks and you can't help but get lost in Hannah Reid's haunting vocals. Totally living up to the amazing first album.

Is there been anything this month that you haven't been able to stop talking about?

We'd love to hear from you...

Team SLS