Happy New Year!

This month has all been about planning another fantastic year for Secret Linen Store... we'll have new people joining our small team, we have some amazing collections launching, a bed linen collaboration with a familiar face that's bright and (fingers crossed) a new website coming too.

We've also started the year with a little office re-vamp. We've knocked down a wall, given the office a lick of paint and it's made all the difference.

What a busy start to the year... here are some of our favourite things of 2018 so far.


If there's one song we've had on repeat all month long it's this... Feel It Still by Portugal, The Man. It's chirpy, will get your smiling, bopping, clicking and it samples the classic 'Please Mr Postman' by The Carpenters.

Have a listen... it will brighten your day and you'll be humming along all day long.


A show we've loved this month is not for the squeamish. 'Surgeons: At the edge of life' on BBC2 gives an unedited insight into some serious surgeries. The skill and the thought that goes into every single surgery is inspiring and this show really makes you think about how amazing our bodies really are.


Have you heard about the trend 'Greening'? It's the current obsession we all have with filling our homes and offices with plants. We recently shared our new favourite brand The Little Botanical... and we've since managed to fill our office with their gloriously green goodies.

We have big plants, little plants and of course succulents perched on every desk and table surface. Have you been 'Greening' your home lately?


This year we've decided to spend a little more time relaxing before bed with a good book. We've gathered all the books Team SLS are reading or plan to read this winter and popped them into a reading list for you.

See our full winter reading list here.


The Daily Overview... A photography series that Molly's been following for years. Each day they post a satellite image of some of the world's most interesting landscapes, the page is curated by Benjamin Grant.

It was based on the 'overview effect'... the sensation an astronaut gets when looking down on Earth from space, you can't really imagine it can you? But this page gives you a glimpse and introduces you to some wonderful places too.


Although January is when 90% of us decide to cut down on sugar, make better food choices and perhaps get a little more active, it's also the month of left-over Christmas chocolates. So rather than delving into the box of celebrations for the 100th time, we've been baking like crazy and making other delicious treats.

Brownies are particularly delicious with a few of the gooey caramel chocolates mixed in, cookies or cake. That way you can share the treats around and we're sure none will go to waste.


We included the magazine 'Positive News' in our Secret Sevens a while back and now we've discovered another amazing newspaper to add to our list of positive publications.

'The Happy News' is full of all the good things happening in the world, bright illustrations and the stories of wonderful people. We think you should subscribe, subscribe your friends and tell all your family to brighten up their days.

That's all for this month...

Team SLS