Our friend and styling extraordinaire Laura North has come to the rescue of those of you who love our new autumn collection, but need some help pairing up your new bedding with some other cosy bedroom essentials.

Colour Play

As autumn settles upon us, embrace the rich tones of nature by reflecting it in your hibernation space. Deep browns, auburns, toffee and caramels are so on trend right now (essentially replacing greys as the new neutrals) and the Cumin 100% linen totally encapsulates this look. Layer with creams and whites for a fresher scandi workshop vibe but don’t be afraid to add darker tones in for a bolder, more graphic look - blacks and deep blues will look fantastic too.

Light It Up

Lighting in any bedroom is key, but even more so as darker nights draw in. As with your bed, its all about layering. Using lamps that you can angle are great as you can tailor how bright it shines in the room (I love to angle mine towards the wall for a soft glow) and low hanging pendants beside your bed means you can keep the room cosy and softly lit for your bedtime reading. Make sure the bulbs you use are warm as opposed to blue/white and never use an over head light!

Pattern Clash

Remember granny’s bed that used to be piled up with slightly mis matched eiderdowns, patterned bedding and blankets? Well that look is here again (dubbed The Grandmillenial trend) as more people are looking back in fondness and nostalgia at simpler times. Mix and match what you love - permission to be brave with pattern! If you want to mix Dotty Dora with yellow linen and a striped throw, then do it - no one, including granny, will stop you!

Like a Cuddle

Perhaps your duvet has been swapped to a higher tog, maybe you’ve added a couple more rugs to your bedroom. But have you thought about swapping your actual bed linen too? I love a crisp cotton and linen in the summer but when nights get chillier, a brushed cotton like the new Max Marl is like an all night cuddle - the tiny brushed fibres actually trap more warm air and it’s softer than anything you’ve felt before.

Whatever you choose for autumn, don;t be afraid to try something new. Use accessories to play with colour and pattern. Remember bed time is the best time, especially at this time of year.