Your bedroom should be your own personal haven, but creating a space that's cosy, relaxing, and appeals to your personality can sometimes seem like a lot of hard work. We’re here to show that in truth, it’s simple!

We chatted with our friends at Oak Furniture Land to find out their top tips on bedroom style. They believe it;s all in the little details, so they've shared some of their favourite modern bedroom style inspiration with us...

Dark Scandinavian

Scandinavian home design has certainly reigned supreme for quite a while now, but we’re seeing a move beyond the starkness of white walls, and towards darker, moodier rooms. To get on board with this trend, embrace outdoorsy textures such as natural wood, linen, and rattan to lend bright contrast to the darker paint and soft furnishings. The pairing of the Fresco natural oak bed with the softest Tiny Stripe Dove Grey bed linen is a simple way to incorporate this look in your bedroom.



We’re seeing touches of lush green everywhere around the home. Pantone introduced it as their colour of the year, and since then, tropical tones have completely taken over our Pinterest boards! Introduce greenery into your bedroom with dreamy potted plants, or go bold with a statement wallpaper. Balance it out with some beautiful natural patterned sheets like the Tiny Stripe Graphite Grey; the cosy cotton will lull you to sleep in no time. Paired with the Bevel bed frame, it's a great look for any home.


Coastal Retreat

There’s no escape like a trip to the seaside; the salty breeze, the sound of the ocean. But it is possible to create that feeling in your bedroom too, by embracing the colours of the coast, and beautiful graphic patterns. The Leafy Turquoise bed linen is the perfect example, blending a simple pattern with shades of blue and white, like the waves on a hot sunny day. Elevate this trend with pieces like jute rugs, wick lamps, sea glass, and our Bevel bedroom furniture, which all call to mind happy days, wandering the pier, ice creams in hand…


Open Spaces

Larger bedrooms may seem overwhelming at first, but they’re a great way to really play with colour, space, and pattern. On this scale, mixing patterns from the stunning Herringbone Midnight Blue throw and herringbone rug doesn’t overwhelm the look. Pairing Relaxed Denim in Natural Linen with our Galway collection, creates a natural feel. Try incorporating this trend into your home by playing with strong coloured walls and neutral pattern to create the sense of openness, while defining different areas of the room.


Travel Blues

Find yourself with a bit of wanderlust?

Bringing that travel style into your bedroom is an easy way to create a personal daily escape. We love this blend of blues and greens that create a lush tropical vibe, thanks to the stunning Washed Cotton Percale Teal, with the Graphite Laundered Bedspread. When matched with choice accessories, like leather, metallics, and plant-life, as well as breezy furniture like our Alto bed and Bevel bedside, you can bring that holiday vibe into your home.


The New Neutrals

Move over beige, there’s a new neutral in town. Dove grey is certainly having a moment in interior design right now, and its muted tones make it a perfect addition to your bedroom. Embrace this trend by creating a space brimming with depth and texture, even with a minimal palette. Layering shades of dove grey and white with patterned materials adds richness. The Kemble bed and wardrobe help to ground the room, and the addition of the Coastal Stripe bed linen is the perfect finishing touch. We love the details that the Teal Sheet and waffle cushion covers add!