We all have those night's full of tossing and turning, so we wake up feeling like we've barely slept at all. It might have been a busy weekend, a late night out, stress or even too much sleep that leaves you feeling groggy and over tired.

Research shows that too little sleep has a serious effect on your health and productivity. If you're not getting quality sleep, this can begin to affect your memory and blood pressure. You'll find yourself fighting to get through your to-do list and getting irritable towards others.

Instead of turning to a hot cup of coffee, here's some simple ways you can give yourself the energy boost you need to get through the day.

Take A Walk

Ten minutes strolling will work wonders to boost your energy. Exercise doesn't always have to burn calories to be beneficial. If you suffer from mid-afternoon energy slumps, getting up and heading out will give you a boost.

A cup of coffee might give you an instant buzz and make you feel more awake but ten minutes walking will leave you feeling more awake for longer. A walk gives you time to breathe properly, get some fresh air, increase your pulse rate and find some inspiration outside.

If you sit at a desk all day, it's even more important. This is the perfect time of year to start that habit.

Eat A Big Lunch

We know how important breakfast is for starting the day, but have you ever thought about how your lunch could be affecting your mood?

A hearty and healthy lunch will fuel you up to get through your afternoon. Avoid getting bored of your lunches by switching up what you have every day and eating in a different place. Getting up and heading out for lunch, or just to another area of the house will keep you feeling awake and less likely to feel like you need a nap.


We know that exercising regularly improves your sleep. For an instant burst of energy, a walk or quick run up a couple of flights of stairs will help, but if you're feeling tired during the day, every day then you need to improve your quality of sleep.

One workout won't make you feel the lasting benefits... and might even leave you feeling more tired the next day. Regular exercise will improve your sleep long term. Find a workout class or two that you love and enjoy and attend every week. You'll soon be noticing the effect it has on your mood and energy during the day.

Drink More Water

Sometimes you might not even realise the reason you're feeling so tired is just because your mildly dehydrated. If you're exercising you need to drink more water, if it's particularly sunny you'll need more and if you've treated yourself to a G&T or two, a few extra glasses of water the next day will help you avoid a midday snooze.

Switch to Tea

A cup of coffee in the morning can be a necessity, a habit and a lifesaver. But if you're drinking coffee all day long, then it might be the reason you're fighting with fatigue. Switching to herbal teas throughout the day will give you a small caffeine boost, without giving you coffee jitters. Green tea has just 45mg of caffeine per cup, whereas a hot cup of coffee can have up to 200mg!

Cutting down on caffeine can be done gradually, and you'll soon feel the benefits. Going cold turkey will leave you feeling even more tired than before, with headaches and more likely to go straight back for your coffee fix.

As Molly says to us daily... "Coffee in the mornings, Tea for the afternoon".


Sometimes, when nothing else works your body might just need a bit of downtime. Daytime naps shouldn't just be reserved for Sundays and students. 10 - 30 minutes of down time will provide you with just the right amount of rest to boost you through the rest of a busy day. A short but sweet nap is proven to improve your productivity, alertness and concentration... we don't need telling twice!