Having small bedrooms in a home can often result in a clutter taking over and a room that lacks the love and attention you might give to the larger spaces in the house. One of the biggest challenges with small bedrooms is fitting in all the essentials and still having space for personal items, bed linen storage, and making the room not feel too cramped. We’ve put together some small bedroom ideas for making space without hoarding everything into the loft.

Hang your lamps

Achieving the perfect lighting in your bedroom can completely change how you feel when the time comes to tuck yourself in. Lighting can make a room feel larger, brighter and generally much more comfortable. Small bedrooms unfortunately don’t allow for lovely large floor lamps, and often the bedside is already cluttered with mugs of tea, books, tissues and everyday clutter. Hang your lamp to make extra space on your bedside table, hanging pendant lamps are a huge trend so now there are lots to choose from… lucky you!

You don’t need a bedside table

For smaller bedrooms, sometimes somethings gotta give… and seeing as bed and plentiful clothing storage are essentials (in my case anyway) it’s got to be your bedside table. It is lovely to have your own little space beside the bed but often your chest of drawers, a large trunk or shelving can do the job just as well. This way you don’t need an extra piece of furniture in an already crowded space and you utilise the space on top of your chest that might otherwise be forgotten.

Shelves above your bed

Another space often wasted and left bare is that large looming space above the bed. A simple set of shelves can make all the difference and let you put a personal touch on the room by displaying photographs, trinkets, books, plants or anything that makes the space a bit more ‘you’. Through displaying your personal objects above ground you don’t have to sacrifice any space on your bedside, chest or any other place… when space is short every little helps.

Don’t leave under the bed just for monsters

If, like most people, you have a big space underneath your bed then it would be a huge mistake to leave it free for dust and old socks. Fear not… this doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy horrible plastic tubs or vacuum pack everything in sight. Invest in some sturdy underbed wooden drawers on wheels, or if you’re feeling crafty have a go at making some yourself.

Along with these space saving changes for small bedrooms, the way you decorate can also make such a difference. We’ll be bringing you our decorating ideas for small bedrooms very soon, so let us know if you have any inside info that you think we need to know. You can find us chattering away in all the usual places on Facebook, Twitter or hello@secretlinenstore.com.