How to Mix and Match Patterns and Prints

The interiors we love usually have one thing in common... lots of pattern. We love coming across beautiful rooms on Instagram or Pinterest, that are brimming with bright colours and unique patterns, all perfectly mixed together.

Adding some pattern will instantly give your bedroom more depth, and offers you a way to express some of your personality.

If you're trying to perfect the art of mixing and matching patterns in your home, we've got three simple rules to follow. Stick to these and you won't need to play it quite as safe when your next big decorating project comes around!

Separate Pattern with Colour Blocks

If you're experimenting with pattern, or fancy dipping your toe into the wonderful waters of colour and print, choose a solid colour as a base for adding pattern around.

Choosing a solid colour for the largest surface area in a room, such as the walls, the bed linen or the carpets, means you can gradually add pattern and colour as you fancy. If you choose a neutral solid colour, you can add your favourite colour in with patterned cushions, bed throws, curtains and rugs.

Here we've chosen the soft, worn-in red hues of our Boho Bed Linen as our solid colour to build upon. Its earthy, neutral tones make adding colour and pattern into your bedroom decor easy, especially when using our Pink French Ticking Stripe Cushion Cover and Blush Pink Herringbone Bed Throw as the stars. A couple of extra pillowcases in the accent colour ties the whole room together while our Quilted White Bedspread adds a subtle point of difference and an extra layer of cosiness.

Boho Red Bedding with Striped Accessories

Play with Scale

When you fall in love with a pattern (we do this often!), it's hard to hold back from dotting it around your entire home. But, when a pattern really does take your fancy, by playing with scale and size you can layer the same pattern together.

We love our Ticking Stripe Grey Bedding so much, that we had to create it as a cushion too! We made the scale on our Ticking Stripe Cushions that little bit bigger and we think they look great together and even better paired with our Black and Natural Stripe Cushion Cover and Bed Throw!

Ticking Stripe Grey Bedding with Ticking Stripe Accessories

Choose A Dominant Colour Scheme

Pairing contrasting patterns together is a tricky business, and can be difficult to get right. Mixing the wrong patterns together can make your decor look dated and all a little bit messy! If you want to mix two different patterns together, consider choosing two patterns of the same colour, or that have colours that blend well together. Opt for one graphic pattern like a stripe, or dot, and mix that with something more floral, or abstract. Try it at home by combining our Hazel Forest Green Bedding with our Zig Zag Forest Green Cushion and Throw for a look that draws oohs and ahhs.

    Hazel Forest Green Bedding with Zig Zag Accessories

    Accessories are also a great way to pop different patterns together on your bed. Again, choosing a similar (or the same) colour palette means you can mix two completely different patterns together without your room looking too 'matchy'.

    Our favourite patterned bed linen and patterned accessory combinations...

    If you can't find an exact colour match when mixing your patterns, choose one or two shades that you love and try to match them as closely as possible.

    Pinecones Midnight Blue Bedding with Herringbone Accessories

    Do you have a strategy when it comes to mixing patterns and prints around your home, or do you just go for what you love?

    There's not much we love more than designing new patterns (other than an early night!). If you have any patterns you'd love to see on our bed linen, bedspreads, sheets or cushions we'd love to know!

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