We stock our 100% linen in many colours, 7 to be precise with 4 more on the way. Here's what happened when the lovely Laura North (interior stylist) couldn't find the colour that she wanted in our range. She dyed our White 100% Linen, and the results are pretty fantastic. Laura has shared her tips with us, so you can do the very same at home. Here's Laura's step by step instructions..

My package has arrived (beautifully wrapped as ever) - time for a cup of tea and to get everything ready for the dying process. Poppy the Schnoodle was very curious about it all.I used a brand called iDye for natural fabrics (so perfect for Linen). 1 Cup of salt is also needed to fix the colour. Double check that the stitching on what's being dyed is also natural (which of course Secret Linen is).

Mix the dye sachet with some warm water. This gets poured into the drum of your washing machine along with the salt. Thoroughly wet the fabric (in this case a lovely linen sheet and 2 pillowcases) before also adding this to the drum of your machine. Set the machine to a long, hot wash. Keep checking impatiently and getting excited at the colour whirring around!

It's out of the machine and it's GLORIOUS! (Just in case, give your machine a clean down and set to a short 20 minute cycle with nothing in it to ensure there is no dye left in there). Less of a secret when it's bright yellow! Drying sheets on a line in the sunshine is the best - even the Poppies seemed to want to join in the yellow-fest.

The finished bed! Is it bedtime yet?