Autumn has officially arrived, and we couldn’t be happier. Running through fallen leaves may be restricted for children, but give it a go… it really will put a smile on your face (and we won’t tell anyone). As the days get longer and unfortunately, a bit cooler, we’re going to help you add a little warmth into your home by adding some autumnal colours and plenty of blankets.

Decorate with harvest hues

If there is one thing that is undeniably beautiful about autumn, it’s the colours… on the trees, the ground and in the sky. Gold, yellow, rust, grey and navy are all perfect colours to bring the beauty of autumn inside.

Dulux recently named their ‘colour of the year 2016’ as Cherished Gold. It’s the perfect colour for autumn, just the right mix between yellow and gold. Pair it with gold and black to create a truly glamorous look. Mix yellow and gold colour palettes with soft grey to instantly uplift your room. Try to use yellow throughout your home, all year round, as it evokes feelings of happiness, optimism and joy – lovely!

Navy and green accents add depth to a bedroom and look great mixed with neutral colours. Incorporate navy into your bedroom by starting with a dark navy wall, lighten the space with some natural linen bedding. If you’re feeling really brave, step over to the dark side, mix navy bedding with an even darker navy wall. If you opt for a navy wall, or bedding, accessorise with copper trinkets and vases, a lighter bedspread and wooden furniture.

Materials matter

To make your room come together, you want to ensure everything else in the room compliments the colour palette you’ve chosen. When basing your bedroom around an autumnal colour it’s advisable to use natural materials. The best place to start is with wood. This can be through making a big change, like restoring wooden floorboards. A smaller (and cheaper) option is to add a few wooden accessories around the room. If you’re not sure about bringing wood into the bedroom, leather will also compliment autumnal colours perfectly (the more the colour of the leather resembles a conker the better).

Stay snug

Throws, blankets and hot water bottles are all autumn essentials. Stack them up around the entire house. A throw or blanket should always be within an arm’s reach from the months of October to February.

Let the outside in

Autumn is all about enjoying the outside, so bring the outside in. This doesn’t mean you have to trail mud and leaves all over your crisp white carpets. Get crafty with tree branches and twigs to create a simple display. Crab apple tree branches look lovely displayed on the mantelpiece or on the kitchen windowsill. Another simple, autumn decoration is to paint pumpkins, this avoids all the mess of carving and you can get as creative as you like.

There’s so much to look forward to in autumn… pumpkin carving, fireworks, fluffy jumpers and lots of evenings on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket with a roaring fire (and perhaps a few glasses of winter Pimms?)

Let us know how you intend to bring autumn into your home and what’s your favourite thing about this time of the year… or perhaps you’d rather be sunning yourself on a beach with a Pina Colada?