Why Choose Us?

Look, we have made a lovely little movie for you to watch. This will tell you all about our special prices, and how we can be so much less. Read on to find out why you should choose the Secret Linen Store...

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What makes our bedding so special?

We use high quality, 100% Cotton on both the front and reverse of our duvet covers. Some retailers will put a plain, lower quality reverse on their duvets. We don't do that. The side closest to your skin is the most important, right?

Our Jacquard woven sheets and duvet covers are reversible. The beauty of this type of weaving is that the pattern is part of the fabric. This means that the two colours used for the warp and weft, are in reverse on the other side of the material. Each side of the fabric has the contrasting colour of the pattern when you fold back the duvet cover. Our patterned sheets have seams sewn on either side so you can make the bed with either the lighter or darker side.

All our duvet covers and sheets have a size label woven inside. No more rummaging through your linen cupboard, guessing which bedding is the right size.

We never use Polyester. We believe that cotton is the only way to make comfortable, breathable bed linen. Polyester is likely to raise your body temperature and will never feel as good on your skin. Natural is the only way.


Our Secret Seven

Firstly, we have a direct link to the best producers of bed linen in the world, in Portugal.

We design everything ourselves so you won't find it elsewhere on the high street. That's two.

We use only 100% cotton yarns, spun from a combination of Egyptian and other long staple cotton.

We have a choice of three finishes on our bed linen. Some like it crisp, some like it smooth. We have all bases covered.

Number five, we'll send you a free samples of any of our bed linens, to help you decide.

We're great value. We've cut out most retail costs by linking you directly to the factories where we produce our high quality bedding.

Finally, number seven, we live and sleep textiles and we love what we do.
We want to share our secret, it's just too good to keep.

And ...

We like pink.
We like Pigs (especially pink ones).
Laughter keeps us going.


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