Textile Terms
What are we talking about?

Below is our dictionary to explain some of the more technical terms we refer to on our bedding. We don't want to confuse you with unneccessary information, but we feel it's important to tell you about some of these things for you to understand our quality, and the sheer amazingness of our bed linen.

Denim weave

Distinctive tiny pattern and texture is woven into the bedding fabric using the same weaving process as denim.It doesn't feel like denim, we just use the same weaving process. Don't worry, it won't feel like you're wearing your jeans to bed.


A weaving process where the warp threads are picked up individually. This additional control enables us to weave beautiful patterns into the fabric.

Long staple yarn

Cotton yarn, spun from long staple cotton fibres. Known to be stronger, softer and more breathable than other cotton fibres. The longer the fibre, the better the quality.


A tighter, plain weave of fabric, with a thread count of 200 or above.



"Relaxed" is the name of one of our finishing processes. The fabric is washed, brushed and almost beaten up, leaving a durable softness than cannot be beaten.


Our sateen finish has a lustre and sheen. This comes from both the type of weaving and also the finishing process. Super smart luxury.

Thread count

The number of warp and weft threads in a square inch of fabric.


The Warp is the yarn that runs vertically through the fabric. It is this that is fed through the weaving loom.


The Weft is the horizontal yarn that is woven through the warp. It is the weft yarn that is programmed to make the patterns on the Jacqaurd loom


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