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Our bedding sizes

Pillows and pillowcases

Our pillows and pillowcases are available in 3 sizes. Our pillowcases come with either a Houswife (no border) or an Oxford (5cm border of fabric) edge. 50x75 is the standard for for sleeping on, square is great for decoration and reading in bed.

Standard/Oxford 50cm/20" 75cm/30"
Square Standard/Oxford 65cm/25" 65cm/25"
Super King Standard/Oxford 50cm/20" 90cm/35"

Duvets and duvet covers

Our duvet covers and duvets come in 5 standard sizes. Our duvet covers have hidden button fastenings at the foot end, so you won't find your duvet peeping out at the bottom. We over size a teeny bit to allow for shrinkage on the first wash.

Single 135cm/53" 200cm/79"
Double 200cm/79" 200cm/79"
King 230cm/90" 220cm/87"
Super King 260cm/102" 220cm/87"
Emperor 290cm/114" 235cm/92"

Fitted sheets

All our fitted sheets are extra deep, and elasticated the entire way around, so they will fit on a luxury deep mattresses as well as standard depths.

Single 91cm/36" 191cm/75" 36cm/14"
Small Double 122cm/48" 191cm/75" 36cm/14"
Double 137cm/54" 191cm/75" 36cm/14"
King 153cm/60" 200cm/79" 36cm/14"
Super King 183cm/72" 200cm/79" 36cm/14"
Emperor 200cm/79" 200cm/79" 36cm/14"

Flat sheets

We offer 4 sizes in flat sheets. The largest King/Super King will fit both sizes of bed.

Single 180cm/71" 260cm/102"
Double 230cm/91" 260cm/102"
King 275cm/108" 260cm/102"
Super King 275cm/108" 260cm/102"
Emperor 320cm/126" 285cm/102"


Our valances come in a choice of 5 sizes. They have a box pleat at the two bottom corners, and a central pleat in the middle of each side.

Single 91cm/36" 191cm/75" 41cm/16"
Double 140cm/55" 191cm/75" 41cm/16"
King 150cm/59" 200cm/79" 41cm/16"
Super King 180cm/71" 200cm/79" 41cm/16"
Emperor 200cm/79" 200cm/79" 41cm/16"

Bedspreads & Throws

We have 3 sizes of bedspread. The smaller is perfect for throwing across the bottom of your bed or snuggling up with on the sofa. The larger full bedspread size will cover your whole bed.

Medium 200cm/79" 150cm/59"
Large 260cm/102" 230cm/90.5"
Super King 260cm/102" 260cm/102"

European sizes

Pillowcase 80cm/31.5" 50cm/20"  
Single Duvet Cover 150cm/59" 200cm/79"  
King Duvet Cover 240cm/94.5" 220cm/87"  
Single Fitted Sheet 91cm/36" 200cm/79" 36cm/14"
Double Fitted Sheet 140cm/55" 200cm/79" 36cm/14"
King Fitted Sheet 160cm/63" 200cm/79" 36cm/14"
Super King Fitted Sheet 180cm/71" 200cm/79" 36cm/14"

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