Who Are We?

Likes stripes, salads and shoes

A tale of two Sisters

We are Molly and Harriet, number one and number three, in a line of four sisters.

We lived in a mad house... 4 girls, 2 guinea pigs, 4 cats, about 87 different fish over the years, a tortoise, a horse, and our parents. It was brilliant.

We grew up and worked hard, becoming a Textiles Designer (Molly) and a Marketing Manager (Harriet). We've gained a combined 25 years worth of experience in bedroom high street retail, working with some of the most famous and respected brands. We have seen the highs and the lows of retailing, and have travelled the world to find the best products. Most importantly, we have been making beautiful bed linen for many years, and we know what's what when it comes to comfort and quality.

During our careers we have worked together, then apart, then together again, which feels just right. We have always planned and dreamed of doing something of our own, knowing that we wanted to do things a little differently.

Likes spreadsheets, singing and cake

A note from us

In March 2013, over a cup of coffee, and some enthusiastic encouragement, Secret Linen Store was born. And here we are… beautiful bed linen, crazy prices. We get to do what we love, you get beautiful bed linen, and save pennies at the same time. We are all happy.

We have worked as suppliers, and retailers, so we knew we wanted to create a brand that is honest and transparent, benefiting both our customers, and the factories we work with. We know that our suppliers are important and we look after them, knowing they too will look after us.

We have found the best factories in Portugal, enabling us to offer beautiful, well-made bedding and accessories, directly from source to your home. We don't have fancy offices, shops, staff, or big marketing overheads, which means we can pass on our savings to you!.

It really is that simple, so do tell your friends. We really don't mind, it's the secret you can share.

You spend a third of your life in your bed, so make it somewhere special.

Mr Pinkerton
Likes saving you pennies, going to
market and Parsnips

See . Love . Sleep


Molly & Harriet
(Molly is the elder, Harriet is in charge)


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