Having guests at Christmas (or any time of the year) is great. For me, the best bit is having breakfast together, and chatting about the night before.

Here are guest bedroom ideas to ensure your guests want to come back soon. I would say that there are six main things to think about. It doesn’t really matter about the rest of the room, so long as you think about the six things below, your guests will never notice the ironing basket, box of old books on the way to the charity shop or the old exercise bike that no one ever uses.

Bed Linen (of course, the most important thing)

This is my bag, so I have lots to suggest here.

Think comfort, cosiness and cleaning! It is the ultimate sin to give your guests anything but fresh clean sheets. My tip is to make the bed up with a flat sheet, this way you can refresh just the sheets and pillowcases if you’re having a change of guests. Find our flat sheets here.

Make sure the sheets are ironed, it’s that extra little bit of effort that will make all of the difference. Iron the duvet cover and sheets on the bed, it’s a little tip that I picked up recently, such a great idea.

Plug in the iron with an extension lead, iron the sheet on the bed on a medium heat. Put the duvet cover on the duvet, make the bed up and then run the iron over, still on a medium heat. Iron the pillowcases on the ironing board with a higher heat, they should be crisp and perfect.

I always use at least 4 pillows. 2 standard rectangular shape and 2 squares, stand the squares up at the front of the two standard pillows to make the room feel like a smart hotel, and dress the bed up with some extra cushions and matching throw.

Luxury Plain White Bedding


Fragrance is also really important. I love scented candles and room reed fragrance. Reed diffusers can be a great way to make the room smell delightful, without the fire hazard of candles in the bedroom. They are also a more subtle smell, you don't want to overpower your guests with a smell that might not agree with them. On my wish list is the Lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood diffuser from Neom Organics. If you are looking for a slightly more purse friendly option, then try Sainsbury's! We also love the candles from SevenSeventeen, they're a small business selling amazing smelling scents.


Leaving towels in your guest room is a must. You don't want your guests to be asking for a towel, so make sure that you have one for each guest, neatly folded on the bed for their arrival. I'm not too sure about towels folded into animal shapes which is apparently a big thing on cruise ships (who knew?), but you might like to put them in a nice basket if you have one.

Luxury towel sets



Lighting is a biggie for me. Creating the right mood is so important for making people feel relaxed, and at home. If you are entertaining, you want want your guests to feel like their room is a cosy and quiet place of their own. Make sure that your guests have bed side lights, if they are not in a familiar room, trying to find a light switch in the middle of the night might be tricky. Use a low wattage bulb to create a lovely ambiance. On my wish list I have these lights from Cox and Cox. They are so good at lighting. A really super selection.


I always put flowers in a guest room, it's my little way of saying "you're special". Sometimes a hand tied selection from the garden, sometimes something a bit special from the florist. use a small vase or a jar for bed side blooms, and make sure they are fresh. Have a peek at our Pinterest board here for some inspiration. I could spend all day here.


Now then, finally to food, my favourite thing. breakfast, however you spent the night before, is a very important part of the experience for your guests. Making fresh coffee, will fill the house with it's delicious aroma.

Make breakfast an event, with the table laid and lots of fresh fruit and juices. My proven breakfast to make for guests in pancakes. Everyone can choose their favourite topping. I start with chopped Banana and Apple, Blueberries, Lemon wedges, Sugar and Maple Syrup of course. There is something for everyone there, although my daughter would say the Nutella needs to be on the table. I'm not a fan so it's staying off for this breakfast.

We have a fabulous recipe for Cardamom and Pineapple Pancakes you can try.

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