Luxury teal bedding and bed linen

Have you heard? Green is the new grey.

With all its different shades and tones green is just as versatile as grey. In the same way that grey can be used for Scandi styles, classic bedrooms or contemporary spaces, green does the same. Molly’s recent trip to Paris for Maison Objet 2016 confirmed it, green is big for 2016.

For our spring collection we went all out to create a modern bedroom space for our new Chevron Grey bed linen. Painting our paneled wall in Dulux’s Paradise green, it really stands out against the monochrome bedding and accessories. To add extra drama, try layering similar shades of green over your painted walls, as we’ve done with our vibrant green upholstered bed.

Tiny Stripe Coffee Cream Bed Linen

If bright and bold isn’t your cup of tea, opt for a more neutral shade of green. We love light shades of teal, duck egg and this matte eggshell shade from Crown’s Period Collection. Style these neutral shades with natural textures, add plenty of light and equally soft shades.

If you love this colour but still want a splash of colour then team with crisp white cotton sheets and try injecting some yellow, orange or mauve tones.

If you’re lucky enough to have a bedroom with high ceilings and lots of space, then darker greens work as an alternative to graphite greys and navy. Farrow and Balls Studio Green, that can appear almost black in some lighting, is a great choice to achieve this look. These forest greens create a cosy bedroom, and when paired with coppers, golds and a big statement bed they give your bedroom a luxury finish.

What if you don’t want to splash paint on the walls?

Trends can come and go, and painting your walls can be a big commitment, especially if you’re renting. You can however easily bring accents of green into your bedroom interior. Adding a plant into your room not only adds a touch of personality but a vibrant splash of green to the décor. You could choose a large potted plant as a focal point or for a subtler approach create a small arrangement of succulents displayed in a terrarium.

If you’re after some fresh shades of green to cover your bed, then keep your eyes peeled. We’ve got some snug stuff up our pyjamas sleeves, getting ready for your beds in summer.

Looking for more green interior inspiration? See all our favourite ways to bring green into your interiors over on our Pinterest.