It's here, finally. At our Secret Linen Store we believe summer is all about getting out and enjoying yourself with your friends and family. Cut down on house hold chores, forget the pile of washing that's been sitting there all week, and go and enjoy yourself. That's what's summer is all about, right? So you can sort your laundry out in a jiffy and enjoy the summer sunshine, we asked laundry guru, Sam from Wilton London, for his top laundry tips...

Get Outside

There are loads of benefits to drying your laundry on the line outside, but one of the biggest has to be for eco-friendly reasons. Dryers are great, but they use a lot of power. If you can cut the use of your dryer in the summer, it will make a decent sized dent on your carbon footprint for the year. Plus, on a warm day with a little breeze, your laundry will probably dry even quicker. And remember, it doesn’t have to be sunny for your laundry to dry outside, it just needs to be dry. On overcast days, I will put my laundry out for a few hours then bring it in and hang it up indoors to finish off drying. If you’re hanging out a delicate top and you’re worried about it stretching, hang it out upside down to help retain its shape.

Put your whites out to sunbath

Sunbathing may not be good for us, but it’s great for your white sheets. The sun is natures bleach . . . and it’s free. Give your whites a whitening boost over the summer by hanging your whites out in the sun. The suns rays will gradually bleach out discolouring and leave you with whiter than white sheets. Try not to clump everything together, you want your sheets to be able to see the sun. It’s best to pop out your laundry at mid-day when the sun is strong and high in the sky.

Time for a freshen up

We all need a freshen up after being cooped up inside. After sitting in cupboards for a long period, your sheets can lose their freshness and go a little musty. But now it’s summer, you can use the suns natural antibacterial properties to banish those musty smells. Hang your sheets out on a sunny day and the suns UVA rays will kill off the bacteria causing the whiff.

Get Your Sheets Out - Summer's Here
Get Your Sheets Out - Summer's Here

Give your clothes line a clean

When you’re taking your clothes line out of hibernation, make sure you give the lines a wipe down with some soapy water, washing-up liquid will do the trick. If you’ve left your line out over winter, there’s a good chance it is a lot less clean than your laundry and all that muck will come off on your clean white sheets!

Fold as you go

When you’re taking your laundry off the line, fold it as you go. Most of the wrinkles should have dropped out and they’ll only need a fly over with your iron if you fold them - this might be my favourite thing about drying laundry outside.

After a day on the beach

Sun cream has got to be white clothes arch nemesis in the summer. No matter which brand of sun cream you use, they always seem to leave those yellow marks around collars and sleeves. But don’t worry, it’s fixable. Take a little laundry liquid and rub it in to the yellow stains in a circular motion just before popping in the wash. Our laundry liquid does a great job of this.

If you’re coming home from a day at the beach with sandy towels you’ll want to get as much sand out as you can before they go in the wash. Try throwing them over your washing line and bashing them to remove the sand then put them on a longer wash cycle to help remove all the sand.


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