Happy third month of the year! Time just keeps on flying by and we just keep filling our time with more and more. This month was all about staying in, getting cosy and enjoying the winter weather, before we're all moaning that we're too hot (although a little way off yet!). These are all the things we thought were just great about February.



Our Spring collection has officially landed... it feels like a lifetime ago that we sat around looking through samples, choosing colours, patterns and finishes, and now they're all finally here and we're doing a merry dance.

We have four new colours in our uber soft Washed Cotton Percale range, with throws and cushions to match, and a lovely new rose pink for our Twill range. We have Teasels in a new colour and we've scaled it up to make it bigger and better. Plus a new design from Molly on our Tulips range. We also have our super soft Coastal Stripe in our favourite colourway (we don't know how we didn't come up with it sooner), charcoal grey and optic white stripes.

We've also launched our first ever look book too. All our fabulous Spring Collection in one place. Go have a little flick through, we'd love to hear what you think...

Shop our new spring collection


Our favourite thing about February has to be Pancake Day. We get to have pancakes for breakfast and then some more later when we get home. What's not to like?

We've been sending out our fancy pancake recipe to all our customers and thought it was about time we shared it on here too, so we did... just in time for pancake day.

If you didn't quite get your pancake fix already, then why not whip some up for Sunday breakfast in bed?


On a cold, blustery and very wet Tuesday we had a delivery from the postman. We don't know who sent it, but it sure did brighten up our day. Four editions of the Lunch Lady Magazines. They are funny, colourful, silly and full of the yummiest looking breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes (they also look amazing on your bookshelf). They make their magazines in Australia, but free UK delivery means we get to enjoy them too!


We can't help but smile every time we talk about Tom Raffield. We first discovered him and his wonderful wares on Grand Designs and we got in contact to see if they would give us a helping hand. The lovely people at Tom Raffield have been so, so kind and have let us borrow a few of their wooden wonders for our photo shoots and we think they look brilliant.

Every time we pack them back up to return to Tom, we can't help but wish they were coming back to our homes for good. One day...


If you're ever around London town, then Molly and her daughter Mabel claim to have discovered the best bread ever! To try it for yourself take a trip to Brick House Bread.

You sit at communal tables and share pots of delicious jams and marmalade with other dines. They have a simple breakfast menu, which included kale and avocado on eggs (Molly didn't have this, but once it came out she had instant food envy).

If you're a bit of a baker, they also have baking classes where you can learn to bake your own Sourdough that's every bit as tasty as theirs.


@thingsorganizedneatly. This Instagram account does exactly what you think it does...


A lovely lady named Sylvia stopped by the office, to deliver us a whopping 110 little dresses. They really were something, all different colours and sizes, putting big smiles on our faces for the entire week. We now have another whole box ready to send to Nicole at Little Dresses for Africa and they'll soon be on their way to making somebodies day.

Sylvia is super, but we cherish every parcel of dresses that arrives through our letterbox, whether it's 110 or just one lovingly made on a Sunday morning. If you'd like to help us by turning your old pillowcases into beautiful dresses,