Now we are in the cooler seasons of the year, you’re probably asking yourself ‘ How can I stay cosy?’. The world of togs, feathers, down and synthetic fibres can start to become a little confusing, so we’re here to help you find your way through the bedding minefield.

It's what's inside that matters

We use a few different blends of feathers & down in our bedding range. So, what does these mean exactly?

Feathers (as you most likely know) are short soft ‘plumules’ with structure and a small quill, and Down fibres are small clusters of soft down used in bedding for insulation and loft. To put it simply, feathers are, well, feathers, and down is the underneath feather of a goose which provides insulation and softness. With us so far?

We love natural fibre duvets, as they’re just like having a big, warm hug (and oh don’t we miss those lately). Down is especially warm and cosy, as it has a high fill power, which means it has large clusters that trap the warm air that radiates from our bodies. Not only are they fabulously warm, but they are significantly lighter in weight than say a feather-filled duvet.

You can rest assured that all our natural filled bedding items come with the highest certification in animal welfare. We only use feather and down that are a by product of the food industry and are again cleaned to the highest European specification.

Why we love fantastic fibres

Feathers and down do feel fabulous, but we know that they’re not for everyone. Thanks to the advances in synthetic fillings, we fell head over bed as soon as we felt our synthetic duvets and pillows for the first time.

We have two synthetic options, our hollowfibre and microfibre. As their name suggests, hollowfibres have a hollow centre, giving duvets greater loft and springiness. These thick, wire-like fibres are hardwearing, yet still warm and snuggly. Microfibres are much finer (six times as fine as hollowfibres to be exact!) and don't have hollow centres, instead, this super supple stuffing is intended to imitate the luxury of natural down, therefore, delivering outstanding softness.

There are varying levels of quality synthetically filled bedding out there, however to make sure your getting as close to down as you can, you need to go for high quality (but no need to worry there because ours are only made with the finest sleep ingredients, of course).

How about togs?

Now you’re a bed filling expert, you need to know which tog you’re going to need. So what is a tog exactly? A tog rating is a rating of warmth, and not comfort like many people think. Put simply, the warmer you’d like to be, the higher the tog you need to choose.

4.5 Tog - Summer Use
9 Tog - Spring/Autumn Use
10.5 Tog Cooler Winter Months
13.5 Tog - Winter Months
All Seasons (4.5 and 9 Tog) - All year round comfort

Our All Seasons duvet comes in 2 handy sections; half 4.5 and half 9 Tog. This means you can separate them in the warmer months, then fasten them together during the winter for the ultimate in cosiness.

There it is, our guide to feathers vs fibres. We really hope that we have taught you a thing or two, but if you still need a little help choosing your new winter warmer, we’d love to hear from you so we can lend a helping hand. You can talk to Jodie and her team any time on 01243 822 599, they love to sleep talk and help you choose.

Psssst - Order your cosy winter bedding by November 30th for guaranteed pre Christmas delivery