Well, well well, I can't quite believe that the Secret Linen Store is half a decade old today. It felt right to mark this occasion with some words, so here goes...

Sometimes it feels like we've been doing this forever, and when we started out, I don't think Molly or I ever thought about the future, we were far too busy feeling our way, working out what we were doing, and packing orders. In the beginning it was just the two of us, and Molly was in London, whilst I was in our office on the coast. Looking back, I was a bit lonely then (hard to believe with the bustle now). We had all the ideas and enthusiasm, but were doing absolutely everything ourselves, and with small children to look after too (We must have been mad!). Starting a new business is exciting, and scary. We were off on a very big rollercoaster. Fortunately we had each other. I can't imagine running a business with anyone else.

Molly and I are like Yin and Yang, she's creative, visual and can't spell for toffee. I'm in my happy place doing spreadsheets and analysis. I guess that makes us the perfect combo. We've worked together on and off since I was 14, and she was 20. We both waited tables at our local fast food restaurant. Molly still claims to this day that her waitressing days gave her the best customer service experience, which she has put into Secret Linen Store in abundance.

So fast forward 23 years and here we are, 5 years into our own business together. We have made more than 30,000 beds and now employ 7 people who make our little business great on a daily basis. We're growing too, and have lots more plans for the next few years. We still all have to jump up and help when we get a big delivery, or have a particularly busy week packing orders, but that's all part of the fun.

We've roped in the family. Our sister Rosie helps us with our business planning, our brother in law does our accounts, Mum & Dad continue to look after the kids and give Molly a bed for 2 nights a week when she's in the office, and Dad is IT support and Health and Safety advisor. It certainly is a family affair, and whether they like it or not (They didn't really get much choice) they're along for the ride.

So thank you to our amazing team here at Secret Linen Store, our parents, sisters, and long suffering partners, and of course all our wonderful customers!

Here's to the next 5 years of helping you sleep better, live better and feel better.

Harriet x