Freshen Your Bedding For Winter

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but October is nearly upon us and with it comes the cooler months. It’s time to start getting your bedroom ready for snuggly long nights and extra lazy Sunday’s in bed. We chatted to Sam, from Wilton London, to hear his top tips to get your bedroom in shape for autumn and winter.

The last clean

In the summer, it’s all about light duvets and extra breathable sheets, but it’s a different story in the winter. So it’s time to pack away your summer duvets. But before you do, a little preparation will keep it fresh and must free for next spring.

Give your duvet a wash. If your duvet is made with synthetic insulation, it’s probably washable in your machine at home. Check the label on the duvet and if you can, pop it in the wash with a small amount of laundry liquid for a quick freshen up on the delicate setting. Most machines can handle a light double duvet, but not all, so check that too.

If your duvet can’t be washed at home, take it to an eco-friendly dry cleaners, it’s a little investment, but worth it when you pull out a must free duvet next year.

Packing up

Store your summer duvet and sheets somewhere cool, dark and dry. It’s important that they are dry when you put them away for a long period of time . . . so give them a little longer on the line before loosely folding them up. You want to store them somewhere which is opened from time to time, like the top of a wardrobe. If they’re stuffed away in a drawer that’s never opened, fresh air can’t get to them and they may begin to get musty.

Freshening up

Your old winter duvet may need a quick freshen up before it’s fit for snuggly nights in bed. And now is the best time to get it ready. On a sunny late summers day, take your duvet out of storage and hang it outside in the sun. A day outside in the sun will help blow out the cobwebs and the sun will naturally help kill off any germs and bacteria causing musty smells. If it’s really musty, it may need a spin in your washer or a trip to the eco-friendly dry cleaners.

Layer up

The months are getting colder, but slowly. And with more and more erratic weather, you may not want a big thick duvet all through autumn and winter. Instead, you could opt for two summer duvets layered up. Simple buy two matching light duvets, hold them together when your changing your duvet cover and hey presto, you have yourself a winter duvet – only difference is that if the weather warms up, you can take one of the duvets out.

Which sheets?

You’re probably about to treat yourself to some lovely new sheets in warm autumnal colours. It’s worth thinking about the type of fabric you go for as some are even better than others at keeping you warm. My fave winter sheets are brushed cotton, they’re super soft and super warm to the touch. It makes slipping into bed on a cold night extra special.

Don’t forget the ambience

The feeling of warmth doesn’t only come from the temperature around you, it can also come from the ambience and scents in your bedroom. Try lowering the lights in your bedroom before hitting the hay and maybe light a lovely scented candle with wintery essential oils. Or wash your sheets in our Cedarwood laundry products – the scent is warm, luxurious and fresh – perfect for a cold winter night.