Easy Ways To Update A Kids Bedroom

Is it time to give the kids bedroom a little spruce up? Thinking up new ideas for your childrens bedroom can be tricky, and sometimes time and budget don't allow us the idyllic kids bedrooms we've seen on Pinterest (we'd love to play on a bed with a slide too!). It's where they play, where they sleep and it should be somewhere they love.

Treat your children with these simple bedroom update ideas.

Change your colour theme

Give them the decision of what colour their room will be; they have to sleep in it after all. A lick of paint on the wall is an instant win but if you don't want to get your paintbrush out then pick a handful of accessories in one colour to make it pop.

Give them a creative corner

It's always a good idea to let kids get creative, so make a space in their room to do this. A blackboard wall means they can update with their drawing and scribbles constantly (and hopefully keeps scrawls off the walls elsewhere!).

Create a feature wall

With a kid's bedroom you can do the fun things you aren't quite comfortable doing around the rest of the house. We love this big pink circle on the wall. Simple and inexpensive to do with just a small pot of paint and gives the room an instant refresh. Be sure you mark it out first though, you don't want to end up with an odd shape on the wall.

Display their favourite things

A way to clear some clutter and make their room feel much more personal. Pop up a few shelves and display their most loved childhood toys, photos and books. This is especially good for kids getting older that want to make their room feel more grown up, without throwing away their favourite bits and bobs. Get them involved, and allow them to be creative.

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

You won't believe the difference a few bedroom accessories can make. Cushions, rugs, beanbags, blankets, cal all be changed to update without big costs.

Brighten up the bed

A new set of soft sheets works wonders as an instant bedroom update. Let them choose the colour and pattern they love the most, and you never know they might actually get their 40 winks. Have a peek at all our kids bedding sets.

Rearrange the room

The least expensive (actually, free) way to give your kids bedroom a fresh face. All you have to do is jiggle everything around into a new space and it will feel brand new again, who knows, you might even find some long lost hidden treasures under the bed!

Upcycle unloved furniture

Feeling thrifty?

Whether you have an old chest of drawers or the bed is looking boring, everything deserves a second lease of life. All you need is some free time and tub of paint and you can bring any piece of furniture back to life.

Get creative... paint your drawers different colours, try creating an ombré effect or splash some patterns across the cupboards. Stencils are a great way to add a personal touch.