How to Choose the Right Dressing Table for You

Picking the Perfect Dressing Table

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which dressing table is the fairest of them all? With so many shapes and sizes to choose from, picking the perfect pamper station can leave in you knots. Luckily our friends at Oak Furnitureland are here to share their tips and pics to help you find the right one for your bedroom without you having to scour the entire kingdom. Over to you Georgina… 

If a dressing table is a new addition to your room it’s important to consider where to put it. After all, it’s an area dedicated to indulgence, a place for pampering, and the ultimate hideaway for some.

You’ll want to position your new dressing table somewhere it can remain a tranquil spot. Life’s busy, so it’s not always possible to have everything in an orderly state, but you want this area to be somewhere you enjoy being rather than somewhere to dump keys, coats and junk mail.

When it comes to light, place your dressing table in front of a window to make the most of the natural light when applying makeup. If a window-seat isn’t possible, put your table across from a window and use a mirror to reflect the light from behind you onto your face. Overhead lighting will cast shadows in the evenings or on cloudier days, so invest in a lamp with a clear, white lightbulb so you can see well.

Choosing a Dressing Table Mirror

A great space saving idea is to put your dressing table in an alcove or beneath a sloping ceiling. You could also consider putting it next to your bed so it doubles up as a bedside table.

A solid hardwood dressing table will last you a lifetime so ensure you keep it away from radiators or heaters that might harm the wood. This also avoids trapping heat that is far better used to keep your house warm in the colder months.

Your dressing table is simply not complete without a mirror. Choose a clean-lined design to match your table or choose something more ornate for a glamorous or eclectic look.

A seat or stool such as our Wiltshire dressing table stool is essential for your dressing table, whether you take a moment to get ready or hours. It can also be neatly tucked away when you’re not using it. Opt for a stool with a cushion or padded seat for a more luxurious feel.

Bedside Table Ideas

Clear, uncluttered surfaces are more relaxing so to keep your dressing table neat and tidy choose a table with lots of storage, shelves or drawers. Alternatively, there are plenty of small boxes, stands, baskets, jars and compartmentalised trays you can buy to keep your things organised.

It helps to prioritise the contents of your dressing table. Keep everyday items at your fingertips in easy to open jars and boxes, and hide away things you don’t use very often. Try dividing your makeup, beauty products, combs and brushes to keep your dressing table in order.

To finish your new dressing table space you could decorate the wall behind with photos of friends and family, and pictures from your travels. If you have space, a small house plant will add freshness and colour, and a scented candle or reed diffuser will add a welcome burst of fragrance.

Striped Blue Bedding

Perhaps you’ve always wanted a Scandinavian look like our Oslo collection or longed for a more rustic look such as our French Farmhouse range. Whatever your style it’s important your dressing table complements your existing furniture, the shape of your room and the feel of your home. But don’t be afraid to mix and match too. The smooth, cream coloured lines of our painted Bella range work well against the timeless style of our natural oak Wiltshire collection and painted Shay range. These oak tones, contrasted with Secret Linen Store’s Midnight Blue Breton Stripe duvet cover, Tiny Stripe Duck Egg pillowcases and Quilted Grey and White Stripe Bedspread, create a grown-up take on the popular nautical theme awash with ocean blues, murky greys and touches of velvet.

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Georgina x