Making a new bed linen design can take us almost an entire year. From the first day Molly sits down with her sketch book, right up to the day the boxes arrive and the first parcel gets sent out. Our Spring collection was about bringing new life to some of our most loved designs, playing with colour and scale... we called it our ''Reinvention Collection".

We always like to introduce something brand new with every season, and this Spring, it was Tulips. So, here's Molly with all the details about our terrific Tulips...

Our Tulips was a while in the making, as a designer, you sometimes know that there is something better to come, just around the corner if you keep trying. A day or two can pass and suddenly something wonderful will happen.

I never have enough time to design, draw and play around with ideas. We are still just a team of four here at Secret Linen Store, so we all wear many hats. One day I will spend my time painting and drawing and doodling all day long (hopefully soon!).

Designing Tulips

When it comes to creating something new, I always look at old designs I've loved the most. We have made many, many, many beds in our Teasels. Around since day one, we've tried it in four colours (and another on the way) and it's still one of my favourites. Tulips was born as we looked for another design, that had pleasing symmetry, a repeat pattern and something that everybody could all see and relate to.

My favourite thing to draw is plants, flowers and things on sticks. Tulips ticks all the boxes. Once I'd drawn it and it came up on my screen, I knew I just had to see this one on the loom.

Creating our Tulips bedding

Seeing the design come alive on the loom is the very best bit of my job, we never know how it will look. It's often a surprise to us which colours work with a design and which don't.

We had a few ideas on which colour we'd like for Tulips before we headed out to Portugal to see them come to life. We tried pink, a soft cream beige, dark grey and a new silvery light grey. Getting to go to the factory and try these colours on the design is such an important part of the process.

Once we were home, Harriet and I sat down (in a lovely pub, right between our two houses) and rummaged through our suitcase of samples. We both loved Tulips and decided it had to be in our Spring collection. We agreed (we don't always) that the softer silvery grey worked better than the dark for Spring, we then disagreed over who could have it on their beds first. Tulips was ordered and we couldn't be more delighted.

How to style Tulips

Styling Tulips was a dream.

I wanted to show how subtle and stylish a room could look in just pale grey and white. As much as I love a bright bedroom, this bedding called out for something a little more muted, simple and stylish.

I think this the colour of this bedding and the pattern are so subtle that it might even convert a real 'white bedding only' person. What do you think?

We painted the wall a pale Grey (Dulux night jewels) and treated the room to a luxury white carpet. The carpet looked great with Tulips, but I've never been on a shoot where I've worried so much about dust and footprints, we must have hoovered it 5 times at least!

The pink roses made the shot come alive... it's our favourite colour of course.

Pair Tulips with cotton percale white bed sheets, or mix with our luxury 600 thread count light grey sheets, both look super. We always top our bed with a throw (or two, or three). Waffle Light Grey is the perfect partner for this set or if you prefer white, our White Waffle throw looks pretty great with it too.

Tulips fits well into any room with grey or white tones, but it also looks great with really strong colours. I would have loved to paint the wall yellow or hot pink... so I had a little play around with the wall colour afterwards instead.

Do you love our terribly terrific Tulips too? And which colour do you think looks best?

Until next season,